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I rather not say but I rather just show you becomes saying it just makes me sad and mad cus I don’t got the money and I’m just 20 I’ll love telling you my story if u contact me but I ain’t that person that puts my things out there like that thanks you 57 minutes ago

lisa272 59 minutes ago

user1398143350 1 day ago


I’m 20 years old and I’ve always been a big girl. I’ve tried diets and working out and it has done Nothing for me. I’ve always had Back pain, neck pain, and depression because of my weight. I have problems with my breathing on top of that so I’m really depressed. I have a 8 month old son and my pregnancy was horrible. I couldn’t enjoy the experience because I was so miserable. I can’t even walk for more than 5 minutes without losing my breathe. I would really love this surgery because it really would make my life better. 1 day ago

ChrishLove203 1 day ago

user1397930706 3 days ago

user1397709575Fingers Crossed

I’m 22 with 2 children, my thyroid died after or during 2nd pregnancy and caused me to gain a bunch of weight after pregnancy :( Since then got on hormone replacement and have been working out and lost a bunch but no matter how much I try my belly flap is always there! I have to buy pants two sizes bigger so my belly can fit other wise I get pants that fit my legs and my belly hangs over but only in the front… Constantly having to pulling up my pants because if they roll off my flap then they’ll fall down and a belt just creases it so there’s a bundle of fat below the belt, yuck, and this thyroid cause me to sweat excessively.. Life as mom, good luck everyone! 6 days ago

user1397709575 6 days ago

helpmeplsmiserable me

I’m 36yrs old. I’ve had a fourth cesarean 6 months ago. I am so fed up with my body I dont even leave the house anymore unless necessary. I don’t feel good about myself at all. My belly sits in my lap. If I leave home I wear shapers and extra clothes to cover me fat. I just want to feel good about myself again and look good while doing it. 3 weeks ago

helpmepls 3 weeks ago

fatchick89I would like to win

My name is Angel I’m 31 years old I had 2 kids both of them c-section now I have a belly flap I hate badly I want to look great and feel good about myself. I work out I am a CNA I love my job I can’t barely stand this stomach I always get asked when are u due I say I’m not pregnant. My husband doesn’t agree with a tummy tuck he said I look great but yet he looks at other women and I feel like I gotta compare my self to those girls. I know even if I don’t win I’m OK with it cause so many women like myself deserve this we all want to look great I hope for the the best in all of us good luck to you all. 3 weeks ago

fatchick89 3 weeks ago

babydoll2mikola 4 weeks ago

user1395629372 4 weeks ago


I would like to feel sexy again. Haven’t seen flat sexy belly since I was 19. In getting older and would love to know what it’s like to wear a bikini. At 41 my time is running out. Just want to feel some confidence… 4 weeks ago

cherbry73 4 weeks ago

user1394649158 1 month ago

Debbieramos6mother of 6 almost 40

I had 6 kids and recently burned my stomach while cooking I weighed 215 pounds now with exercise and diet I have lost weight i now weigh 189, but my skin hangs grossly.I work in oncology as a medical assistant I help with patient assistance so my patients don’t have financial burden I need help as well please HELP me feel disgusted in myself I just want to feel pretty in my own skin please HELP!! 1 month ago

Debbieramos6 1 month ago

daisynoa099 1 month ago

user1393807105 1 month ago

user1393637925 1 month ago

louisewilmot 1 month ago

Supermom4Jimmy 1 month ago

Juanita PadronDreaming of a tummy tuck!

Hi I’m a 32 year old female(5’7 150lbs) and a stay at home mother of 3 wonderful children I did become pregnant 4 times one resulting in a fetal demise at 24 wks. After my 4th pregnancy I decided to get a tubal ligation because pregnancy was not good for my body I had many hormonal changes and I encountered many physical problems(emergency c-section for one of my pregnancies, gallstones, 1st & 2nd trimester bleeding) and on top of that I was always in anguish because I was so scared that I would loose another baby. Afterwards I became very depressed and gained so much weight, I was at 190lbs at my heaviest. Then my oldest daughter decided to join the running club at her school and she asked me to run with her in a 5k marathon which I did not complete. I was so disappointed in myself that I went home and I cried. Growing up I was so skinny, I ran track in high school and I also did modeling. Now I was almost 30 years old, 190lbs a size 14 and X-large. After realizing and after that defeat I took charge of my health and so far I have been able to loose 40 lbs. I love to run, and I can run 3 miles which I do 2-3 times a week in the summer months. I also love, love, love to do Zumba, I do that almost everyday, I also recently started working with awesome trainer who has helped me to get definition in my arms and legs but my problem area continues to be my tummy area, you can now start to see some muscle definition but because I still have loose skin and some fat(which has been the toughest fat to get rid of!), you really can’t see all the hard work and sweat I’m putting in everyday. Being a stay at home mom there is not extra money to cover an expense such as a tummy tuck. But in the end it would be a dream to get one done! 1 month ago

Juanita Padron 1 month ago

Mela_Sea 2 months ago

megz1127 2 months ago

leslueDream come true

I am a mother of three wonderful children whom are now older, 12, 14, 21. My first child was delivered via c-section and the last two, I was fortunate enough, were delivered vaginal. Like every mother knows you have loose flabby hanging skin when you look weight after child birth. My situation is no different. I have been telling my husband, for quite some time now, that if I win the lottery, a tummy tuck is the first thing I am doing. Because he knows how much I want one, he is in total agreement. *wink *wink—only because we have a very slim chance of winning. Anyway, space is running low in this post so I would like to say, I would love to have the opportunity for a tummy tuck! Thank you. 3 months ago

leslue 3 months ago

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