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Collectorofcats 42

Molly. This is some dog. She’s even gone Kayaking. 4 months ago

Collectorofcats 41

My brother’s dog Roscoe. He goes almost everywhere my brother goes. 5 months ago

Collectorofcats 40

This sweet fellow was a victim of abuse and has now been rescued. I saw him while waiting in line at our local Orschelns yesterday while buying flea medicine for our cats and was allowed to snap a photo. 7 months ago

Collectorofcats 39

Our neighbor Keith’s husky mix. He adopted Watson after the dog’s original family felt overwelmed by it’s outgoing personality. 7 months ago

Beth Rad35, 36, 37/43

IMG_79088 months ago

Beth Rad34/42

IMG_78718 months ago

Collectorofcats 38

This one was handling the heat well yesterday. 9 months ago

Collectorofcats 37

Poor fellow was reprimanded for jumping up on people with muddy paws. He didn’t jump on me, however. 12 months ago

Collectorofcats 36

Beautiful. 12 months ago

Collectorofcats 35

One of four dogs belonging to some friends. All adopted from a shelter. 12 months ago

Collectorofcats 33 & 34

It was only 36 degrees outside yesterday in spite of the sunshine so it was probably okay that these two were in this car with the windows up. 13 months ago

Collectorofcats 31 & 32

You heard of a cat on a hot tin roof. Well, these are dogs on an asphalt roof but on a cool day in February. 14 months ago

Collectorofcats 30

I forgot about this one I took quite some time ago. A really cute black puppy named Macy. 16 months ago

Collectorofcats 29

Attilla, all ready for the holidays. 16 months ago

Collectorofcats 28

this dog was just standing there waiting along side the road. 16 months ago

Collectorofcats 27

I was driving past a business when I saw this fellow wandering around the parking lot. I pulled in for a closer look and we both found ourselves staring each other down. I snapped a photo from the safety of my car and drove off wondering if whoever left him was close by or coming back. He had no collar that I could see. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 26

I missed this one earlier. I took this sometime in August. The bigger dog is Chief whom I already posted a photo. The smaller dog is a neighbor’s dog. I think th dogs were waiting for an invitation to join. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 25

Nancy’s dog. I think his name is Hero. He is too friendly but great with kids and cats. It was hard to take a photo. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 24

On a bench. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 23

Minsky. At least that is the name he is called by my granddaughter. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 22

Now this is a big dog. He was very friendly. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 22

Yet another dog riding in the back of a pick up. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 21

Typical yard dog on a chain. I hate seeing a dog on a chain. I realise it is sometimes a necesary evil. 18 months ago

Collectorofcats 20

I don’t know whether you walk this dog or he walks you. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 19

Someone walking his dog. This is not the photo I wanted. I wanted to get a better photo of the dog but I think this fellow believed I was invading his privacy. I would have only taken a photo of the dog had he let me. Instead, he turned around and headed back the oposite way before I could ask him if I could take a photo of his dog. Most people I have approached don’t seem to mind if I ask first. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 17 & 18

A sillouette of a German shepherd and Fox Terrier who are companians. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 15 and 16

I see more dogs riding in the beds of pick up trucks. this truck actually had three dogs. One dog was on his hind legs with his front paws resting on the tailgate of the truck. Once the vehicle began moving, he jumped down and I couldn’t see him.. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 14

This little fellow was giving me his full attention from inside a closed up car. Lucky for him, it had been raining and cooler with no sun out so he wasn’r left sweltering inside. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 13

Easy rider. 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 12

Although I took this photo awhile back, I wanted to include it. She was my daughter’s dog, not mine. Nevertheless, I miss having her around. She now lives with my former neighbors and I still get to see DeeDee from time to time 19 months ago

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