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find out my blood type

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AB+ 3 weeks ago

cenada 4 years ago

LittleDandelionRose 4 weeks ago

lapland 1 month ago

echcandothis 3 months ago

em__gem 3 months ago

Snezhinka 4 months ago


I have blood type A+. I found out because I got blood test results back. So there you go :) 7 months ago

Rachael 5 years ago

Brandy108 7 months ago

SpencerMM 3 years ago


O positive. 8 months ago

SpencerMMAlmost there.

I went to a blood drive. Which was sort of weird, but they should send me a letter with my blood type soon. 9 months ago

Allison Rosenthal 10 months ago

SnowQueensGlass 10 months ago

user50824 11 months ago

Verinsess 12 months ago

lance24 13 months ago


In order to find out my blood group, I need to donate blood (or have some kind of surgery). So I guess this is it… My excuse for a blood donation. Don’t get me wrong. I love helping people but giving blood is a horrible situation for me. I can’t say I’m afraid of the needle since I have a tattoo, haaa! But it’s just feeling so drowsy and horrible after doing it.

If I donate blood I need to prepare myself correctly. Drink lots of water, eat healthy food, stay energised,... 13 months ago

IxiiAlways Wanted to Know

I was always curious to know my blood type, but since my parents didn’t know theirs, I had no clue what mine could be. We ended up doing a blood typing lab in my university biology course, and one pinprick and three chemicals later, I know I have O+ blood. Very cool. 13 months ago

Ixii 13 months ago

GrammaG 13 months ago


We tested for this in my Advanced Biology class in high school, but I never quite believed the results were guaranteed to be accurate. I was tested again when I first started attempting to donate blood, and it proved the test in school worked A+. 13 months ago

S19111 13 months ago

ddavis113Lost cause

Haven’t done this yet seems like a lost cause now. Next time I see a blood donation opportunity I will donate to find out. 13 months ago

9teeneightyfiver 3 years ago

ninjastormy 14 months ago

kaatiekaatt 14 months ago

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