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maraschin0 10 months ago


35. I excel at seeing all points of view.
36. I’m devoted to the quest for internal and external peace for myself and others.
37. I’m a spiritual seeker who has a great yearning for connection with the cosmos, as well as with other people.
38. I’m non-confrontational and friendly.

(I got the above characteristics from a personality profile from the enneagram, which I am very much a type 9)

39. My ability to give good presents, (sometimes).
40. My skirt-wearing twirling girlishness.
41. I’m naturally quite intelligent and most learning tasks come easy for me.
42. I like my 2 scars.
43. My soft hands/skin that never need lotion.

Woot! Finished. 8 months ago


33. My hypomanic enthusiasm for new subjects.
34. My taste in art. 9 months ago


31. I like my eyebrows.
32. I like my straight teeth. 9 months ago


30. I like that I have a plan for my future career. 9 months ago


28. I like that I have a childlike sense of wonder.
29. I like my vivid imagination . 9 months ago


27. I’m proud that I’ve been able to support myself, my boyfriend and our dog for the last 3 years. 9 months ago


26. I am punctual for the first time in my life. 9 months ago


25. I can cook amazing spaghetti and meatballs, good Thai and Indian food too. 9 months ago


23. I like how curious I am about God and how I love him.
24. That I have no secrets between me and my boyfriend ie the great intimacy we have created. 9 months ago


18. I like that I laugh wholeheartedly without holding anything back.
19. I like how naive I am, I think it’s cute.
20. I like that I’m selfish and prioritize my own happiness.
21. I like that I can play the piano.
22. And harmonize with my sisters. 9 months ago


6. I like how laid back I am and how I don’t cause many fusses especially at work.
7. I like my loyalty and how I would do so much for the people that I love.
8. I like my sense of style.
9. I like my artistic side and the creative projects I’ve completed like scrabble pillows, pastel drawings, clay sculptures, stained glass.
10. I like the way I listen without allowing anything to distract me.
11. I like how hardworking I can be.
12. My name.
13. I like that I am very frugal.
14. I like the crazy, adventurous and surreal dreams my brain makes up at night.
15. I like how excitable I am .
16. I like that I have a strong stubborn will.
17. My extremely expressive face. 9 months ago


1. I like how open minded and not quick to judge I am.
2. I like how I smell.
3. I like my successful entrepreneurial mind.
4. I like my body shape.
5. I like my long curls. 9 months ago


I like how my feet look. I think that they are perfectly in proportion and I like how there is no fat on them. I don’t like how they get blisters at the smallest touch but that has nothing to do with how they look. 10 months ago


sue820 17 months ago


37. I know what’s important in life.
38. I love life.
39. I know how much I have to be grateful for, and I’m constantly reminded of still more to be grateful for.
40. I’m a sporadic poet.
41. I’m a bit of a risk-taker.
42. I look good in my new glasses.
43. I’m healthy. 10 months ago

J-Flower 10 months ago

sue820Number 36.

I am pretty darn good at making lemonade from lemons. 12 months ago

sue820Numbers 31-35.

31. I am a master gardener.
32. I’m good at biology, plant ID, disease and insect ID, and medical terminology.
33. I am analytical.
34. I can be very organized.
35. I appreciate art and beauty. 12 months ago

sue820Numbers 26-30.

26. I am physically strong.
27. I am mentally strong.
28. I persevere(or am stubborn, depending on whom you’re asking).
29. I have always had good skin.
30. My teeth aren’t cavity prone- I have only ever had one filling. 12 months ago

sue820Numbers 21-25.

21. I am reliable. If I say I’ll do something, I will try my utmost to do it.
22. I like people. I’m constantly surprised by how many individuals say they just don’t like people.
23. I think that like of people comes through with my interactions.
24. I can hula hoop.
25. I am a strong swimmer. 12 months ago

TG#7 I'm diligent about writing postcards

I know that I’m not the only one who enjoys receiving postcards- lots of people do. I always keep a sheet of addresses in my wallet so I can send postcards to people while I’m traveling. I currently have about 35 people on that list- some family, some long-time friends, and a lot of 43ers who have sent me cards regularly or who have expressed interest in receiving cards. I almost always send a card to everyone on the list when I’m on vacation, and if I see something in particular that I think someone will like, I send more than one. This last trip was an unusually long one (16 days!) and I sent probably close to 50 cards out while I was gone :)12 months ago

Daffer_Kent4. My sense of humour

I suspect it doesn’t come over in my writing and posts here, but I do enjoy humour.

Last night, me and DH watched “Paul”, a movie about two British nerds helping an alien. It is FUNNY! Kristen Wiig was almost unrecognisable with one eye, and then she was recognisable. She looked familiar but it took me a while to place her. She played a god-bothering cyclops, and when Paul gave her all this knowledge, she immediately wanted to swear, fornicate and have some fun. The swearing was really funny, as she got the hang of it.

You’ve seen “Bridesmaids” right?! 13 months ago

Daffer_KentNumber 3

3. My eyes change colour.

Truly. Some days they are very green, and some days they are blue with hazel highlights. 13 months ago

Daffer_KentNumber one

1. My laugh, I like to laugh. I love it when you laugh so hard you can hardly stop.

2. I love to read, love, love, love it. It’s a love of stories and a love of words 13 months ago

Daffer_Kent 13 months ago

sue820Numbers 16-20.

16. I don’t tend to be judgmental. I’m really more of a “live and let live” person.
17. I can use sign language fairly quickly, but only fingerspelling and not ASL. One of my good friends in high school has a brother that is deaf. At that time , they were learning the Rochester method, or signed English, and I became proficient.
18. I’m a very fast walker.
19. I think I was a good parent.
20. I think I have been a good spouse, although there was definitely room for improvement, which I’m currently working on. 13 months ago

sue820Numbers 11-15.

11. I’m not a “grass is always greener somewhere else” person. I can be satisfied with what I have.
12. I’m not afraid to work hard.
13. I can wiggle my ears.
14. I got my first and only tattoo at age 40. It is a dragon or phoenix, depending on perspective.
15. I believe in God but believe there are many paths to God. 14 months ago

sue820Numbers 6 through 10.

6. I am a natural blonde.
7. I have an odd-ball sense of humor.
8. I like to travel and am not afraid to do so alone.
9. I’m relatively intelligent.
10. I don’t play head-games. 15 months ago

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