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january boten

january boten 1 year ago

january boten#100happydays

Posting a picture daily of something that makes me happy has really helped me feel grateful for my life everyday. 9 months ago


For more sunshine today.

For discovering BBC’s Being Human, rather brilliant.

For treating myself to a nice bottle of wine.

For hot chocolate. 9 months ago


For a warm bed and snugly blankets.

For sunshine.

For having lived in Europe so I know how to deal with poor queuing.

For having lived in Korea so I can avoid people who aren’t paying attention when they walk.

For nice conversations with co-workers.

For negotiating my lease to keep it reasonable for the next 2 years.

For the King Cake arriving and having no damage. 9 months ago


For a lovely night’s sleep courtesy of Tara Stiles’ routine for deep sleep and the MARC body scan for sleep.

For more lovely snow in the morning.

For hot showers.

For yummy oatmeal.

For getting the official job offer.

For all the love and congrats from my friends and family.

For a moment of hilarity with B taking revenge.

For doing what I can to take care of myself.

For the email saying the King Cake had shipped.

For doing better at the care and tending of good friendships. 9 months ago


For finishing Speaker for the Dead.

For big fat fluffy snow flakes for most of the morning.

For a quiet day at work so I could take care of myself for a bit.

For my loving friends and family.

For coming back alive a little.

For doing the stuff I’ve been avoiding.

For getting a reply when I hadn’t asked for one.

For AA getting me a mocha in the afternoon. 9 months ago


For remembering to take my umbrella and then not needing it.

For a quiet morning to myself in the office.

For getting through the Samurai Sudoku easily.

For the arrival of the Ceylon cinnamon. 10 months ago


For getting an appointment to interview for the job I’m in. Progress.

For sunshine and warm weather.

For melted cheese. 10 months ago


For getting up early enough to have a relaxed morning rather than sleeping to the last minutes.

For RH letting me vent.

For WN being cheerful again today.

For a pouring rain.

For a really tasty lunch.

For feeling stronger and healthier every day.

For checking in with Cy.

For a text from Mk.

For treating myself to a PBJ with milk for dinner. 10 months ago


For getting in a good night’s sleep.

For sunshine all day.

For less people than normal on the Metro, both going to and coming home from work.

For having one of the NOLA staff members in the office today and she has SO MUCH positive energy.

For making caprese pasta for dinner. Yum.

For a nice chat with Mi. 10 months ago


For waking in a pool of sunshine.

For coffee.

For the cool air.

For a surprise call from Mk.

For tasty microwave dinner and dessert.

For a long call with B. 10 months ago


For there only being 2 calls to take care of today. Both simple.

For a little bit of sunshine in the morning.

For getting out with KL and visiting the Air and Space Museum.

For KL treating me to a Mocah to warm me up.

For being able to recognize more Spanish words as I rewatch the Bridge.

For having Mexican for dinner (and a Margarita!). 10 months ago


For solving problems for others today.

For doing my workout.

For feeling like I might be through the worst of the cold.

For more snow.

For the cool things I can find on the internet. 10 months ago


For waking in a pool of sunshine.

For a good morning/Happy Valentine’s note from my dad.

For an eCard from Mk with a Valentine’s hug.

For yummy French Onion soup for lunch.

For a nice chat with my mom.

For going down and walking and the treadmill for 30 minutes to help with the stupid cold.

For a tasty, extra cheesy grilled cheese sandwich to go with my Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.

For submitting my application for the job I’m in now to be permanent.

For a nice chat with my dad and nephew.

For hot and tasty Vanilla Honey Chamomile tea.

For only being on the edge of a cold and not all the way sick. 10 months ago


For making plans with KL this morning.

For a nice call from Mk to check on me and make sure I smiled today.

For finishing my latest Donna Leon story.

For a call from Cy to chat.

For watching the snow fall. 10 months ago


For having turned off all the alarms this morning.

For not having to go to work.

For getting through my to do’s.

For the trip to the DC ACA Service Center only being as bad as I expected and not worse (because it really could have).

For lovely thoughts from friends.

For doing smart things even though I’d rather have been a bit more irresponsible.

For going down and doing 30 minutes on the recumbent bike instead of messing around on the computer.

For the arrival of the epic snow. 10 months ago


For finally falling to sleep, in the wee hours with the lights on.

For not sleeping in too late.

For lunch with GM and loving her to death.

For telling my boss I’m taking the rest of the week off and that I’m to the point I may not have time to wait for them to offer me a permanent position.

For strong responses of reaching out to the simple FB post of “I’m scared”

For JM spending hours on the phone with me listening.

For my mom’s call just to say “I love you.”

For my sister’s call.

For laughter in the darkest moments.

For being so very blessed in this life.

For having choices and opportunities. 10 months ago


For good friends who answered my calls today.

For not completely melting down.

For taking care of myself through the day.

For getting through my very long checklist for the evening.

For making 4 women feel better about things by the time I’d gotten off the phone with them. 10 months ago


For being able to sleep in.

For feeling energized and productive.

For a weekend of good decisions.

For reading Ender’s Game again.

For feeling “normal” although it’s so alien.

For having my home back from pet sitting. 10 months ago


For not giving into the urge to skip my event and going.

For an easy drive.

For lots of really smart people who want to help.

For catching up with new friends.

For adding more possibilities to game night.

For finding balance.

For good reminders of past thoughts.

For the explosive creativity that seems till have found me of late. 10 months ago


For sunshine, warming and restoring.

For finding the coffee already made as I walked into the office.

For a note from KW with another job possibility and words of commiseration.

For the trains all aligning so there was no waiting on the way home.

For adjusting my schedule for tomorrow so I wouldn’t be badly impacted by the weather.

For living the life I have lived so that I recognized the Kiwi accent and Maori tattoos on Mazer Rackham almost immediately.

For the brilliance and fractal beauty of Ender’s Game. 10 months ago


For the slightly warmer weather today.

For still waking up and getting all my routine done even though my bed was playing siren.

For JMc not being at work today so that the energy was much more positive.

For having sour dough bread to go with lunch and dinner tonight.

For a surprise hug as I left work.

For nice texts with my dad, sis, KL, and B.

For the amusing questions about the dachshunds feet: “Where de legs at?” 10 months ago


For waking when I should even though I was sore and tired from last night.

For the weather clearing and the afternoon being nicer.

For having another productive day at work.

For feeling solidarity with my coworkers.

For the arrival of my DVD of the Quiet Man.

For a hot bath to soak away all the recent aches and tiredness.

For a good article on how being depressed can be, here

For a friend asking how I was after I posted it on FB.

For another friend asking about my dating life and trying to fix me up with friends of hers.

For being missed by people who are new in my life.

For 4 new subscribers here :) 10 months ago


For waking on time again.

For an easy commute in to work.

For my brain being full of creative thoughts.

For having the flexibility in my hours without a lot of crap.

For being able to help with NARAL’s birthday bash.

For running into RL, JJ, and LM, giving me a chance to renew relationships.

For another good day. 10 months ago


For the ease of waking this morning.

For the flow of the morning, even with the oddness of having the puppies.

For getting out the door on schedule with every thing I needed for the day.

For a very productive day at work.

For the puppies being able to hold it for 8 hours.

For caprese pasta for dinner. 10 months ago

OtterGirl537Groundhog's Day

For waking on time and enjoying breakfast.

For finally getting to catch up with B!

For doing the ride.

For hot, cleansing showers after. I’m not sure anything feels better.

For finding really yummy guac.

For getting to attend a Super Bowl party.

For the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. Always a classic. 10 months ago


For waking on time even though I went to bed late. Really, really wanted to sleep.

For a good day with the escorts (lots of escorts few antis).

For sunshine and warmer temperatures.

For finding the free sudoku solver so I’m no longer taunted by the Sudoku Samurai puzzles.

For not jumping the gun.

For going ahead and scheduling Mardi Gras game night. 10 months ago


For waking earlier than usual and having a nice relaxing morning.

For lunch with RH.

For sunshine.

For cheese, yummy cheese!

For being able to relax.

For James Earl Jones on the Big Bang Theory. 10 months ago


For a nice chat with B just before bed, ending with plans to go to the DC Spring Beer Fest in March.

For waking on time, even though it was REALLY hard! I did it!

For not loosing patience although everything kept seeming to go wrong today.

For new furniture in the office!

For tasty Starbucks coffee instead of Folgers.

For a lovely afternoon nap to recover from the day’s frustrations.

For filing my taxes.

For a nice chat with KH to figure out what’s next with my BSF chapter.

For feeling great. 10 months ago

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