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finish writing my book

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AnnbaileyI did it because I believed I could

In order to receive the gifts meant for you, you must first believe it is possible that they may come. Letting go of routine and your tight grip on your present circumstances. Just take one step. Just begin the journey. Your journey 11 months ago

Annbailey 11 months ago

Brandy Worrall 8 years ago

MyBerit 14 months ago

mudskippaI've written two!

While I would have loved to have finished my novel, other books were more important. I published ‘The Recovery formula’ in September 2012 and ‘The Happy Addict’ will be published in 2013. They are both books about addiction recovery and helping others to recover.

I am thrilled to have completed them both and have had wonderful feedback.

Next the novel, lol! (Another 5 years later…) 15 months ago

mudskippa 4 years ago


I finished the final draft of the book I was editing, and read it all through today. I have completely finished writing a book, right through to editing for a publisher, so I am considering this goal as done :) 15 months ago

riki13 4 years ago

mirandagracie 16 months ago


I like what Mynde Mayfield had to say…

I will add visualizing to my list of sneaky ways to get myself to finish this book… 16 months ago

SmartAssPsychicsneaky ways to get myself to finish the thing and get it published!!

  • sit down to write the same time every day
  • turn off my phone, etc lol…
  • decide on a goal for the day
  • commit to sending X-amount of pages to my daughter
  • join RWA again 16 months ago

SmartAssPsychic 16 months ago

AndrewYoung 16 months ago

riki13Final draft....

Is in progress. However, having won NaNoWriMo, I have also won five printed copies of the book I wrote. Does this count as: A-having finished a book and B-sending it to a publisher? The story is finished, and it will be sent to a publisher to be published, first draft or not. The answer is for me to ponder.
HOWEVER – I am getting this goal confused with my new years resolution, which is to finish a piece of writing and send it to a publisher. Hmmm. I still have to decide what constitutes completing each goal. 16 months ago

saintdreux 16 months ago

jazzayers 18 months ago

Lune Fromage: Born of StardustYom Kippur: Surprisingly good for my book

Even though I am an atheist/agnostic, my family is Jewish and so I take part in all the Jewish holidays. I do this mostly to make my mother happy, but there’s something nice about customs and traditions as a way to bond with my family too. Anyway, Yom Kippur is the most important Jewish holiday. That’s right, it’s not Hannukah. Hannukah’s actually not a big holiday at all…it’s kind of like the flag day of Judaism, but its importance has been seemingly inflated in the United States by the fact that it happens to fall around Christmas.

Back to Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a holiday about asking forgiveness of those who you have wronged. People fast (no eating or drinking) for about 25 hours. I really don’t like Yom Kippur. Only Jewish people would think that suffering constitutes a holiday… Actually, Muslims fast for Ramadan, and Buddhists fast at many different times of the year… Fine, there are a lot of groups of people who like to suffer. Everyone secretly likes suffering. That explains the popularity of Fifty Shades of Gray. Humans are weird.

Anyway, though I had a rough start, this Yom Kippur was strangely pleasant for me. Instead of getting a horrible headache, as I usually do, I just felt strangely energetic. I felt that wonderful feeling that nothing can go wrong and that everything is beautiful. I felt hungry and thirsty, but more than anything I felt alive. The kind of alive that one feels when one thinks one is going to die but go on to live another day. I could feel myself shake as I stood on bambi legs and I could really feel each breath fill my lungs as I took the time to appreciate the cold and clamy feeling of my hands.

I just felt compelled to create and do and be. It’s the kind of manic feeling that makes life feel beautiful. yes, feel beautiful… like the aesthetic quality of beauty has become a gentle embrace from the universe.

I worked on my book today with that feeling. I worked out some of the plot holes that had been bugging me and I created another plot hole to solve. The way I write, I play out various scenarios in my mind. My characters experiment around in the world I’ve created for them until they do something that I like. Then I write that down. So, in a way, I escape to the world that I write. I hadn’t been writing for a while because I’ve been so worried about finding a job and finding a way to be able to go to graduate school, travel, and help people. Writing has taken a back seat. I forgot how much I love to write. I’m still growing as a writer, but I love my story and my characters. It’s the kind of story that I would want to read and the kind of characters that I would want to read about. The only way to become a better writer is to write.

Every Yom Kippur I feel so greatful for food and water and my family. Food tastes much better when you go without it for a day. Water slides down your throat in a way that makes your whole body sing. I think about all the people who feel that hunger and that thirst everyday but ten times worse. Yom Kippur enhances my desire to help people to not feel that way anymore. Yom Kippur makes me realize what is important. Any surely I will forget sometimes, because that’s what people do. But every year I have the reminder of Yom Kippur to keep me on track. And for that reason, as much as I dread Yom Kippur every year, I secretly love Yom Kippur.

... But I’m still happy that it’s over. 19 months ago

avianse 19 months ago

riki135th draft....

I’ve finished the 5th draft of the book I mentioned in the last post. I will let it sit for a bit, then review it. Maybe next week. I have a shortlist of publishers bookmarked too. I have decided to polish up this book, and as it is done once I have sent it off this goal will be done. I have a folder of ideas, and I could procrastinate forever about how many of them will constitute completing this goal. I need to simplify@! 19 months ago

Makayla Sauceda 20 months ago

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