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stop gossiping

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JadedMommaNo one else's life should be worth my breath/time/energy!!

I do really well at this, until I’m in a group of people who are gossiping. Why is it you(at least I) feel compelled to add in?? Is it because the only other option is to stand there silently. Is it the lack of REAL topics floating around in my brain??

Maybe that will be my goal. Whenever someone is being gossiped about I’ll either say something positive about that person or attempt to change the subject. If that fails… discreetly remove myself from the conversation til the topic changes. This will be hard. Harder than it should be unfortunately. 2 months ago

jaded_chica 2 months ago

JadedMomma 3 months ago

melrose79 3 months ago

ellieg96x 3 months ago


If you don’t gossip, you’re the one being gossiped about. Horrible. Doing this less and less everyday. 3 months ago

panderia 12 months ago

marniebieber 13 months ago

sgerhart 15 months ago

Tronie 15 months ago

pennypupsocute7 15 months ago

alioreo123Stop gossiping

I dont gossip that much, but it makes me feel really sick when i do it. So i should stop and it doesn’t make other people very happy. 15 months ago

alioreo123 15 months ago

thingscantgetworse 21 months ago

oltros2 16 months ago

plunderingdesire 16 months ago

jamieleee 6 years ago

Want2BThatGirl 17 months ago

jliz6 5 years ago

SocialBucketList 21 months ago

RenCha 21 months ago

hoggle73 21 months ago

annjaay 2 years ago

parkernayman44 2 years ago

halpert7 4 years ago

sitruunapuu 2 years ago

blueberriesinmilk 2 years ago

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seasonsoflove 2 years ago

AlisonOps 2 years ago

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