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oldfatguySorry to hear that 43T is shutting down...

...but at least any remaining uncertainty has been removed. 20 hours ago

oldfatguyReally a very good week...

...overall. A movie, a few trike rides, and a number of errands and chores completed. Still, I have some critical tasks that need to be knocked out ASAP. Maybe this week. 1 day ago

oldfatguyWednesday, July 16th...

...was almost a “lost day” (or “day off,” take your pick). The afternoon nap almost killed the day.

Somehow, though, I resurrected it at 6PM with an essential errand, a movie, and a handful of important (though routine) chores. TV on Tivo (“Suits”) with Mrs. OFG, and maybe a few more chores before bedtime. So, remarkably, I can call today a success. 5 days ago

oldfatguyMonday was productive... an errands and shopping day, along with home chores, but I took most of today (Tuesday) off (except for laundry and dishes and the usual daily stuff).

That said, I did accomplish a FEW things. 6 days ago

oldfatguyAnother totally awesome ride today...

...followed by a day of “down time.” I mark this as a good day, a very good day, but I need to focus to become productive again. That will need to be Monday (tomorrow). 1 week ago

oldfatguyA very happy day... which Mrs. OFG and myself rode a local bike rally here in Texas. Overall, very pleasant. Looking forward to going outside and seeing the “Super Moon” Full Moon tonight. 1 week ago

oldfatguyModest but acceptable productivity lately...

...saw the movie “Snowpiercer” recently. If you like abstract and dystopian SciFi this is a good movie for you. I liked Bladerunner (one of my personal top ten movies) but have not formed a strong opinion on this one yet. Almost walked out in the first fifteen minutes (thought it was going to be another “District 9,” which I consider clearly the worst SciFi movie ever made).

However, it did gradually improve and made sense by the end. The plot is a bit ingenious with the actions (and motives) of a large cast intricately woven together. (Still, this is NOT casual entertainment for the faint-hearted.)

This “film” will probably come to be regarded as a “masterpiece” probably outside of SciFi as well as inside the domain. After a second (or third) viewing, I might add it to that category myself.

A little bit of exercise and some essential errands and chores have made these past few days an acceptably good period. 1 week ago

oldfatguyA little better productivity...

...and did well with the errands. But did not get the Power Hour in today. (Maybe tomorrow?) 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyPoor sleep quality last night... back to bed for a nap before I become truly productive. Did stop in here and on to Popclogs next then shutdown and nap. After that, essential errands then back home to work on the “Power Hour” with a focus on home cleanup today. 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyThe good news and the bad news....

...too much time on 43T and Popclogs today, BUT I think I have developed a system that will leave me more productive than before. 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyI marked my other entries done...

...leaving only “carpe diem.” I think I like this because it leaves me a single point of focus: the next activity. (This is in accord with the principles of David Allen in “Getting Things Done” and his “Next Action Items” list.) 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyJust the basics

Yesterday was super-productive, maybe my most productive day this month. But today looks like I am back to basics again. Made an essential appointment this AM; looks like a focus on essential chores this afternoon. 3 weeks ago

oldfatguyThe days keep evaporating...

...I meant to get something “done” today. Except for a few minor chores, however, most of the day slipped away. I suppose I need to find a way to focus myself. 4 weeks ago

oldfatguy"The Signal" at the Angelika Dallas (Mockingbird Station)

If you come to visit DFW, consider taking in a movie at the Angelika at Mockingbird Station. It is accessible by both auto and train, and it is worth a visit. That said….

Decided to see “The Signal” there tonight. “The Signal” is described as a SciFi thriller, and I can say that I recommend it if you like “The X-Files,” “The Prisoner,” and similar shows and movies.


Needless to say, I cannot say much without giving away the ending. The movie appears to be in limited release (it is at Angelika Dallas but not even Angelika Plano), but it might go wider as did “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Let the Right One In.” (Both of which I saw at Angelika Dallas before they became more famous.)

Little Miss Sunshine:

Let the Right One In:

If you did not like either one of the above movies, then you might not like this one either. This is not a so-called “mainstream” movie.

But if you like movies that are a bit avant-garde, then you might like this one. Laurence Fishburne (I am a fan as you might can tell by my choice of avatar picture) is nothing short of outstanding in this role. The rest of the actors, unknowns as far as I can tell, do a good job as well. [Edit: Olivia Cooke is known for “The Bates Motel.”]

I will say that I was disappointed by the ending, but the rest of the movie was so incredibly strong that I still recommend it. On the way home (about half an hour’s drive), I thought of at least three alternate endings that were equally plausible and would have worked at least as well if not much better. (If it is released on DVD, alternate endings would be a good idea. If you are associated with this film, contact me directly and I will give you the ideas for merely the price of a writing credit on the DVD.)

Only two couples were present when I showed for the Saturday night late show, but I think this could be a good “date night” movie if you both like thrillers.

I spoke to one other movie goer who was disappointed because “It did not have enough action.” So, despite the trailer, let me say that this is NOT an “action” flick (although it has some very good action in it); it is a THRILLER.

That said, if you liked the trailer, you will probably like the movie: 4 weeks ago

oldfatguyNot so much accomplished today...

...but I am trying to get out the door for a ride or a movie. (Don’t know which yet.) 4 weeks ago

oldfatguyEasy to forget...

...that we only have the day in front of us, the moment at hand, to act or decide or experience. Time to take time to smell the roses. 4 weeks ago

oldfatguy 4 weeks ago

samanthaejeffrey 2 months ago


I mailed a potato tonight! I hope it arrives 3 months ago

Angelica Anarchy 3 months ago

horsiegirl907An experience

Last Sunday my Dad’s friend from high school came into town from Australia. I live in the south, and he wanted to go to a “Southern African American Gospel Church” like in the Blues Brothers. We went. It was quite the experience and so much fun. Just like in the movies. 3 months ago

horsiegirl907SOUTH AFRICA!!

Officially going to volunteer from July to December in Cape Town, South Africa! Lots of adventures ahead… so excited! 4 months ago

horsiegirl907Fun weekend

This past weekend I went to stay with a friend at university and came back home for a night on the town with a few other friends. Good times and lots of fun! 4 months ago

horsiegirl907Snow Week

Two weeks ago, the town I live in had a huge snow and basically shut down. We had a lot of fun doing different things in the snow… walking to Bilo in an ice storm to eat Choco Tacos, building my first ever snowman, snowball fights and sledding… Fun week! 4 months ago

horsiegirl907Letters to Disney

Apparently, if you send in a letter to a Disney character, they will respond with an autographed picture. I sent two to Minnie Mouse and Simba from the Lion King. 4 months ago

hhannahonce is enough...

and the conversation went a little like this.
her – oh I get at least 8 or more a day in here
me – so your busy this isn’t unusual?
her – no its pretty common.
me – really?
her – okay look straight ahead let me turn on the lights”
me – I look into the camera no expression.
her – alright this will just take a minute
me – I stand up and come towards the monitor and computer
her – Ive seen all types in here…underage, 80 years old, men, woman, professionals and homeless people.
me – so people you would never expect huh?
her – yes everyone has done it.
me – thank you and I hope I never see you again. 5 months ago

ExtraHeadCarpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe vitam

Well I should do ‘carpe noctem’,if I can’t do ‘carpe diem’. Yes “seize the night!” Instead of staying awake in bed worrying then do something concrete, perhaps even useful. 5 months ago

sara 5 months ago


Bought a pair of green and gold Ray Ban aviator sunglasses that I’ve been wanting for awhile – a bit of a splurge but so excited! 6 months ago

horsiegirl907Saturday Night Coffee

Had coffee to catch up with an old friend tonight – lots of fun! 6 months ago

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