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quit eating sugar

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maromeraA relapse

After two great months I have to admit that during my class trip to Villa de Leyva I ate a lot of sugar. (sigh) I’ll try not to be so hard on myself and get back to the right path. (sigh) 13 months ago

maromeraSweet Holidays

I’ve to admit it: I competely forgot about controlling my sugar intake during the holidays. I ate all the sweet treats people gave me and even more, I bought some of my own. My last exam was o.k., but I seriously doubt it is going to be the same now. So, I begin again today. I have to understand that my health and my life are more important than the instant gratification of eating something sweet. 15 months ago

NielPlease don't make it harder.

I think that next Christmas, I’m going to politely ask people to not give me food as gifts. 15 months ago

maromeraProgress report: Celebrations and Soda

I’ve managed to reduce a lot my sugar intake. There are still two major challenges:
-Birthday cake (I’ve had too many parties, I need to take something with me, a little bit of fruit or something to avoid eating the delicious treats and cake)
-Coke (Since my sister is addicted to coke, she always keeps a bottle and a glass in front of the T.V. I need to keep a healthy alternative in order to resist temptation) 18 months ago

NielSticking to this.

Today I re-discovered why I have this goal. I got a pack of rusks for my birthday, and I ate them all over the last few days. Now I have a stiff neck, and nothing is done. It erodes my discipline and makes me fat. 18 months ago


PasadenaSue 22 months ago

user16950 2 years ago

NielI said it

Today I said it out loud. “I don’t want to eat cookies.” 2 years ago

globalgal1029 2 years ago


It’s quite easy really. I occasionally buy myself a cappuccino on campus. Very occasionally – I avoid caffeine. I don’t like my cappuccino bitter, so I usually add some sugar, which stands on the counter. I’m currently in a sugar cutting phase, so I asked if they have some sweetener, and they did! Quick & easy. 2 years ago

maromeraI have to...

I had a medical appointment today. I need to quit sugar if I don’t want to have diabetes. This is going to be harder than quitting alcohol because I’m really addicted to chocolate. 2 years ago

maromera 2 years ago

NielDear critic:

No, it’s not a fad diet: eating only small amounts of starch is a healthy lifestyle choice. This has been a scientific fact for some time now, and in my experience good for me too. 2 years ago

sunshine26and once and for all!

it’s just unhealthy!!and i wanna lose weight; eating suga is not helping me to go acheive my goal. plus my heart is kinda pupping up..like i’m having tachycardia each time i consume sugar. 2 years ago

sunshine26 2 years ago

ludah 2 years ago


Yep, I think I’m making progress. I wanted a snack, and though of peanuts, not a chocolate bar. 2 years ago

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