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Meet A Vampire

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user1395486152 4 weeks ago

laylamonroe 'im not a vampire but i love them,and i don't judge themm

I wonder if i get bit by a vampire would i become one, because if so i would love for that to happen. I’ve been wanting to meet a hot vampire for years now and when i tell people this, they think that I’m crazy, because they don’t believe that there are real vampires out their but i do lol so.. any hot vamp dude look me up 1 month ago

laylamonroe 1 month ago

katiethewolf1243er 8 months ago

cubbyj 6 months ago

Sab1105 8 months ago

viperana 9 months ago

user46989 9 months ago


I have always dreamt of meeting a friendly vampire in my life. I want him to be very friendly with me and not eat me. I am always dreaming of loving an awesome vampire while I’m still human. Pls do let me know if anyone out there. I’m Anton. I’m 22 years old. I stay in India. I really wanna meet a friendly and lovely vampire in my life atleast once before I die. I will even love to turn into a vampire by that lovely person alone. I save my romantic words for him. Pls sweetheart. Wherever you are. Come to me asap. My email ID is antonabinaya91@gmail.com 10 months ago

antonabinaya 10 months ago


I really would love to meet and talk to one. I really one. No mortal Vampyres, please ,. If you wanna help me out, email me. Shiangelic69@yahoo.com. I have many a question. 10 months ago

ShaneWolfhart 10 months ago


I have always been interested in everything supernatural. But ever since i first read about vampires ive always wanted to be one. It werent til recently that i decided to persue my dream of being a vampire. I hope that there is some one out there who i could love regardless of wether they were a vampire or if i remained human. 13 months ago

stitchboox 13 months ago

alan_ajay 14 months ago

NerdsAreCool2To anyone reading this

Umm, I want to meet a vampire. A nice,friendly,will-not-eat-me vampire, I sort of read that when a girl went to meet a vampire she was killed, I don’t want that to happen to me so I’m not giving personal information away. My name is Amber, I’m 15 years old, and I live in California. I’ve went to this website http://vampirewebsite.net/, and I’m still working on reading the whole thing. If there are questions feel free to ask me. P.S.-no inappropriate question or personal questions. Bye. 15 months ago

NerdsAreCool2 15 months ago

moose61i am looking for love

i need a girl who love me for who i am and not what i got 15 months ago

moose61 15 months ago

KaylaMarie94 16 months ago


hey i really want to meet a vampire even the spells didnt work i really wanna be a part and get turned into vampire my email is neelamkale10@gmail.com 16 months ago

Neelam778 16 months ago


i really want to become a vampire , not because u live forever and all daht , not because the ones on twilight looked cool , because i am over this life , i wanr be a vampire because its different and i hav wanted to be one since i was about 8 and now im 16 , can someone please contact me about this thanks :) 18 months ago

user40837 18 months ago

user39466 18 months ago


hey guys i want to become a vampire if u are interested plzz contact me jaswanthraj839@yahoo.in 18 months ago


hey i want to become a vampire can u help me out 18 months ago

user38760 18 months ago

HoursInADayMy name is Dustin

Hi. My name is Dustin, and I am 18. I want to be a vampire, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know why, I’ve just wanted to be a vampire since I was a little boy, I could tell you a lot of things about me, but I prefer talking over skype, or msn/yahoo that way I can talk about myself without everybody else on a website seeing personal facts about me.
I believe that if someone wants to become a vampire only for the purpose of living forever then they shouldn’t be one in the first place because I know that vampires do not live forever
and if they want to become a vampire because of movies like twilight, well then they shouldn’t be one ever, because vampires do not sparkle
I am not in this to find a relationship with the one that will sire me. once I have my mind set on something I will go for it and wont give up, and I will tell you this, I will become a vampire.
My emails

My skype

To those who think I am some goth with piercings, tattoos, and guyliner, think again I attatched my picture so you can see what I really look like 18 months ago

HoursInADay 18 months ago

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