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joyjoeiThe Memory Keeper's Daughter

by Kim Edwards 4 years ago

joyjoeiWives and Lovers

Jane Elizabeth Varley 4 years ago

joyjoeiMan and wife

by Tony Parsons 4 years ago

joyjoeiLong way down

by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman 4 years ago

joyjoeiBooks, Baguettes and Bedbugs

by Jeremy Mercer 4 years ago

joyjoeiThe Last Promise

by Richard Paul Evans 4 years ago

joyjoeiMy Favourite Wife

by tony parson 4 years ago


a thai guide book for traveling around bangkok.. 4 years ago

joyjoeiMy sister's keeper

by Jodi Picoult 4 years ago

joyjoeiFriday Nights

by Joanna trollope 4 years ago


by Rosie Thomas 4 years ago

joyjoeiองศาที่ 361

.. 4 years ago


.. 4 years ago


by Andrew O’Connor 4 years ago

joyjoeiHey, Good Looking

By Fern Michaels. 4 years ago

joyjoeiMan and Boy

by Tony Parsons 4 years ago

joyjoeiMarley and Me

By John Grogan 4 years ago

joyjoeiSummer Lovin

by Carly Phillips 4 years ago

joyjoeiLost and Found

by Carolyn Parkhurst 4 years ago

joyjoeiThe Reader by Bernhard Schlink

i’ve just finished this book this morning. i wasn’t surprised much while reading it as i watched the movie first. but the book was still impressive and highly recommended. i enjoyed the movie hugely and that was why i wanted to read the book. i wanted to understand the characters and absorb the story more. but i felt that the german version would be much more wonderful than the english translated one. after watching the movie for 2 times, i saw the thai version at a bookstore and was tempted to buy it. but i’d rather wait to buy the english one and i was fortunate that my friend, pu, could locate and buy it for me from bkk. it is a short book and i could read through it in 3 days as time permitted each day. if anyone was interested, i would suggust read the book first and then see the movie. i think it would make much difference than doing the other way round.. 4 years ago

joyjoeiPassing Shadows

by Della Galton 4 years ago

joyjoeiGoing Dutch

by Katie Fforde 4 years ago

joyjoeiJust Good Friends

by Penny Hancock 4 years ago

joyjoeiThe Husband

by dean koontz 4 years ago

joyjoeiEleven Minutes

by Paolo Coelho 4 years ago

joyjoeiLoving Frank by Nancy Horan

this morning, i finally finished this book. i’d read through the last page; not just the story but the interview and the background of the book and it took me 3 weeks to finish it. i enjoyed it tremendously. it was well written and beautifully described. i love this style of writing. i could see pictures and felt the story. while reading it, i had mixed feelings; agree, disagree, sad, jolly, pity, bewildered, shocked, etc.. i can’t say that i agree with what mamah and frank decided to do with their life but one thing i like to say.. they really lived their life to the fullest and chose their own happiness.. i like this and not many people have the urge to do so..
before writing in this post, i seached for more information and looked at the pictures of the house that frank built for mamah. god! it is amazing. it looks ordinary in this age but it was extraordinary then.
at the end of the book, i didn’t expect it to end like that. i was so shocked and sadden with the tragedy all of them had encountered.
from my view, i think it is an amazing book and i will read it again.. to relish the beautiful language.. 4 years ago

joyjoeiBuying a piece of Paris

by Ellie Nielsen 4 years ago

joyjoeiThe Power Book

by Jeanette Winterson

The way she wrote and described the whole story was very beautiful, clever and entertaining. Though, I didn’t fully understand some parts.4 years ago

joyjoeiThis man and me

by Alison Jameson

beautifully written4 years ago

joyjoeiSnow White Turtle Doves

by Juliet Bressan 4 years ago

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