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Go on a date

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babydollz82 3 weeks ago

ne23green 4 weeks ago

Pachinko66G 4 years ago

nataliYUH.weird. but good.

Well, I didn’t end up going on a date with the person I expected to. That person backed out and was all, SORRY BUT I’M GETTING BACK WITH MY EX. I’m like … da fuuuuck?

Oh well, because the next day (today), I ended up hanging out with this guy I’ve been sorta.. getting to know lately. It’s been hard for me to figure him out, but I definitely think he likes me. I mean, we kinda kissed at the end of the day. ;) 1 month ago

nataliYUH. 1 month ago


A guy picked me up from a drop-off point between my current city and hometown, took me to lunch, to walk around downtown Disney, and then home. We hella talked.
Was that a date?

I mean, I don’t get the hype.

Maybe I’m looking for like a /date/.
Something movie-esque or something.
It’s all troublesome really. 1 month ago

nataliYUH.ok, fine..

I’ll admit it; the only reason I added this goal is because it’s happening soon.

I already DID want it, but I didn’t want it to be a GOAL exactly, I just wanted it to happen on its own, you know? 1 month ago

Cadmium111 1 month ago


At FILC 2014, I ate a lot of dates.

When I returned home, a few guys I met while there hit me with the fin.
Maybe I’ll go on a date with one of them when I go home for Spring break? Whatever. 2 months ago

jvanderlugt 4 years ago

calibelle 4 years ago

rebekahhhh 3 months ago

Robbie 3 months ago


Gho-s-t 2 years ago

Gho-s-tAll systems go

This is finally happening. If someone told me 2 days ago that Im going on a date tomorrow, I would’ve laughed and thrown a cupcake at that person. But that is exactly whats happening. I thought that after hooking up in a parking lot at 3am, asking to go on a date would be a step backwards and as such would not be anxiety inducing.

I invited her to the movies tomorrow, she said yes. She even offered to drive me to the doctors beforehand.

Man I guess this is really going to happen. Im apprehensive as I type this though not as much as I am excited. This will be a new experience for me. Im tempted to overthink things like I usually do but Ive decided to surf this one out. Whether it leads to something more doesnt matter right now.

Only thing Im worried about is that this girl is way too keen, she is nt so subtle about sex always hinting at it, probably because the subject makes me uneasy. I dont think I am ready to do it even though I want to. The problem is that this girl is crazy attractive I might not be able to stop even if I wanted to. 4 months ago

Tufty05 6 years ago

Gho-s-tNot sure if I

should just give up on this goal. And this is not coming from a dark place. 5 months ago

meg ilija 5 months ago

Elizabeth1310nothing to declare

Still questioning whether this is something I should have on a to do list – I wanted to see how many of my 43 things I would have completed by the end of the year and I think it is highly unlikely that this will be one of them. 5 months ago

Androniki 3 years ago

Pachinko66GAccidental Date

Think I went on an accidental date last Thursday.
It turned into a date, according to my friend Robby when I explained the situation to her.

Hm. 5 months ago

kilahk20 5 months ago

Pachinko66GInt'l Coffee Hr

I invited someone to coffee hour last Friday and it ended up just being me and him sitting together talking for a solid 25 minutes….it was really interesting…

Don’t know if I’d call it a date though, because I don’t even know what determines that sort of thing.

I mean, we were in a crowded room…aNYWHERE, A MILLION PEOPLE AROUND AND THEY ALL JUST DISAPPEAR, DISAPPEAR, DISAPPEAR~♪ wwwwww 5 months ago

lovethislife0717 5 months ago

jessicajewell 6 months ago

smallhours 6 months ago

Mancity 6 years ago

bnterrell 6 months ago

makosloski 6 months ago

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