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taliab101How to Fence in a Nutshell

Fencing is simple to learn. I learned it as a kid. There are three common types:Foil, Epee and Sabre.For Foil, your goal is the torso. For Epee any body part is fair game. And for Sabre your goal is above the waist at all.I did Epee since I thought it was easiest, but often the Epee fencers are more skilled than the others since they need to defend their entire bodies.You need a lot of patience, tight clothing so it doesn’t catch your sword, water (the masks get hot) and proper armor.A mask is needed, a jacket, a breastplate (they have different ones for men and women- obviously)a vest, proper gloves, but you can wear your own pantaloons. In order, put on your breastplate, jacket, vest (one of the last two strap under your crotch and rarely fit, so expect it to be awkward at first) then gloves, i suggest sneakers, and mask last. Ladies, may I recommend a ponytail and a water bottle. Masks heat quickly.To fence you need to learn the form, which is basically bending your knees with your dominant foot facing out and your other foot facing sideways. You want one arm behind your back and the sword holding hand completely behind your swords base. There are different swords for each type, so learn those. You basically move in short, quick steps, back and forth. You want the same amount of distance between you and your opponent.Then when you see an opening, WHICH WILL REQUIRE A LOT A LOT OF PATIENCE (JUST A WARNING:HAVE PATIENCE) you move fast and lunge to hit them. Some fencing is electronic which is neat, but the rules are no different than regular fencing – it only lights up and is more accurate. When you fence, you its less like in the movies, and more like a lot of waiting until you see their guard has been dropped or they have exposed a limb. Three strikes are needed to win. It is a lot of fun! 4 weeks ago

taliab101 4 weeks ago

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