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Snow 15 months ago


sorbet87 23 months ago

sorbet87Christmas helpfulness

*Helped my mum set the table and keep calm around Christmas- folding napkins, prepping food, moving chairs etc
*Cleared Christmas away- cleaning, throwing away rubbish and tidying, washing up
*Kept my sister company while she freeranged her rats- she gets a bit bored and lonely on her own 15 months ago


  • Given my clicks for charity at
  • Wrote to my MP about an issue close to my heart
  • Always taking flyers from the poor guys giving them out on corners
  • I’ve just become an EVS volunteer working with children :) 16 months ago

sorbet87Volunteered at a Local Food Drive

I just took part in the Banc des Aliments food drive to collect long life food for disadavantaged families :)
We spent 4 hours standing in the cold asking people to give us their tins, but I feel great that I did it! We really collected a lot in the end! 16 months ago

sorbet87internet positivity

  • Cleaned up the bathroom out of general goodwill- yay!
  • Being genuinely generous and thoughtful with the presents that I’m buying for Christmas- I can be a bit stingey at times.
  • Left five positive, encouraging comments around the internet to counteract all the negativity and hate you see around :) 17 months ago

AmbrosialBloom 18 months ago

sorbet87Small things to make the world nicer...

1. Offered numerous seats to people who needed it for various reasons on the metro- I’m getting into the habit of this and it feels worthwhile, particularly as other commuters won’t give up a seat even if a heavily pregnant lady is standing next to them!

2.let a student off class for illness- poor thing has fever!

3.Suggested celerating NCOD day in the city, and tomorrow we are going to fly the flag for the cause!

4. A friend of mine has a longterm illness, and although unfortunately I can’t change that fact I do try to support her- we talk things through etc and I try always to give good advice. 18 months ago

sorbet87Ringing my little old granny

Collected post for others, to be considerate
Signed allout peticion to support an important cause
Shared my homemade lemon pie with friends

Rang up my little old granny- who’s in her 80s and lives alone- to have a natter with her. Hopefully, it cheered her up. 18 months ago

sorbet87I stole this resolution from Charlieissocoollike :)

helped a stranger get on the career ladder with some tips- times are so hard at the moment!

gave my landlady’s cat and cleared up his business (truly disgusting) of my own accord- this isn’t an arrangement we have, I did it as a random favour :) 19 months ago

sorbet87We can do this!

Let’s just be nice to people! :) Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

Signed a petition for a cause that I really believe in
Remembered a friend’s birthday and contacted her by mobile (more personal than facebook I feel)
I’m taking out someone who’s new in the city to show them around and give them a good time 20 months ago


I gave a loan to a struggling business in the developing world through – yay! Hope he’s successful in his farm!

I searched online through which donates money to the Relate charity for every search.

Donated a small amount to BEAT 20 months ago

sorbet87Still working on this...

- spending lots of quality time with my parents: it means a lot to them :)
- supporting friends who are going through a hard time and trying to cheer them up
- cleaned up for my landlady- I know it makes her happy when I do!
- spent hours chatting to my granny about things I’m not too interested about, because it’s nice for her 21 months ago

sorbet87I'm more conscious of the way I treat people now

-sent my sis a nice message
-was honest with a client who doesn’t have a lot of money and had overpaid
-kept my temper with a friend who let me down
-offered to take the rubbish out 21 months ago

sorbet87Helping others

Today I gave up my seat to an elderly guy who needed it.

I helped a couple of tourists with directions.

I want to do more things like this! 22 months ago

sorbet87Being nicer to my sister

Sponsored my friend in her charity walk for cancer even though I’m highly broke!

Let sis my have time to herself when she needed it :)

Bought her a drink from the shop as a nice surprise one day 23 months ago

sorbet87Moving out nicely :)

Just a small thing, but as I am moving out of a rented room I made an effort to leaves things shiney and clean!

:) 23 months ago

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