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Ken Chen 5 years ago

Ken ChenPoint given...

We were looking for a base to put the sword on the wall and I stumbled upon a collection of fridge magnets (I’m addicted to). I figured I could spend about USD 10 so I got the most different among them that I didn’t have in my fridge already. My partner turned to me and told me “Do you really need that?”, I said “No, I don’t” , left them where I found them I went on pissed off.

Questions I asked myself later:
1. Why I was pissed off? At me for buying something on impulse? at my partner for censoring my impulsive urge?

So let’s analyze that impulse urge. Do I need more fridge magnets? Probably no, they are mostly decor and I rarely post anything to the fridge these days. So why I liked those? There were multi-colored geckos like the ones back at mother’s house. Anything else: They were beautiful and would had look great “walking” on my fridge now that there aren’t more geckos in the city anymore.

So, if I had the chance to reply my partner’s censorhip what you should’d said:

No, I don’t need them. My soul does.

And then, that’s another whole line of reasoning we need to check. 2 years ago

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