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Turning 21

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Elven Path 2 years ago

AnnieConor 12 months ago

JeanieBear 15 months ago

thykingdomgone 3 years ago

sevenember 4 years ago

juicyprincess 2 years ago

Ginger Spice. 6 years ago


My birthday was just “eh”. I got sick. Super tired the next couple of days. Guess I’m getting old! V,V 20 months ago

Pancemaster 2 years ago

Sara McGuire 21 months ago

PancemasterONE MONTH~

One month to go! WHEEEE!! 21 months ago

Megan Graham 3 years ago

jneyscs11 2 years ago

jawatson8 3 years ago

Dawn Matthews 2 years ago

Melanie 23 months ago

Moth EI barely remember turning 21

and not because I was drunk…I don’t even drink

but because I was completely devoid of emotion thanks to a certain antidepressant.. ha.. 2 years ago

Moth E 2 years ago

angelstar969 7 years ago

Chelsea Petrak 3 years ago

ligumbyte 2 years ago

my_world 4 years ago


Nah. I have never gotten drunk before. And I doubt I can ever stomach enough alcohol to actually become inebriated. But I just want the legal option to buy things that contain alcohol. I’d like to cook with wine, vodka, and at times use it in my food! 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsDefinitely Halloween weekend in Austin, Texas

and just another reminder that I am currently 20 years old.

In my complex all you can hear is “WOOOOO!” and then a loud bang, and then an even LOUDER “WOOOOooOOO!” Everyone else has been looking forward to this weekend for so long. About all I get to look forward to is the Halloween Candy going on sale Tuesday after it’s all over.

It’s just weird being stuck in the interim where I’m too old to participate in Trick Or Treating or Halloween Parties, but too young to go down to Sixth St and party.

Ready to be a legal ‘adult’. :) 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsI'm sick of people not taking me seriously.

I’m just sick of being a twenty year old female in the world of business, which is dominated by forty to fifty year old men. I don’t think 21 will change all that much, but at least when I tell people how old I am at least they can’t scoff at me because I serve alcohol on a regular basis but can’t consume it.

What really frustrates me is that I’m one of the smartest business people I know, male or female, young or old. I have a level head, I know how business works, and I know how to TREAT people, employee and customer alike. I have the ABILITY to manage a business, both the numbers side and the people side. Most managers I see do NOT have the ability but simply the seniority. You put in enough years with a company and they’re bound to reward you with a position of authority, regardless of whether or not you have the ability or aptitude to do it.

Here’s for hoping another year on the calendar counts for something. When I was eighteen I was straight up laughed at, now that I’m twenty, I’m condescended to and looked down on. Maybe I’m getting somewhere? 2 years ago

jbode0781 3 years ago

Elven PathSeriously CAN'T wait!

I’m not an alcoholic, but I do like a drink every now and then. And I think there is just something cool about being able to buy booze whenever I feel like it! :P 2 years ago

lyssa_lynn 2 years ago

DrSplotchy 2 years ago

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