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amania 23 months ago

amania10. I am insanely lucky

Ha ha ha ;) 16 months ago

amania9. I am not giving up

so easily :) I wil try again and again and again until I reach what I want.

Phew, one more trait and I am done with this goal – it is more difficult than I thought! 18 months ago

amania8. I am sincere

I am trying to be sincere with others. Especially about my feelings. I am trying not to lie about my abilities or mood. When people ask me what I think – I try to tell them the truth or at least be diplomatic. 19 months ago

amania7. I am brave

I thought that I am not very bold or courageous, but sometimes I can show some bravery :D and I am proud of it. I am still afraid of many (sometimes quite stupid) things but now I am more tipped into a brave side. Yesterday I decided to tell my boss all I think about recent unpleasant situation that had happened at work. I was the only one to do this – everybody else was too afraid. All in all I don’t think my words change anything – but I was courageous enough to state my opinion. My boss told me she’s grateful that I am honest. 20 months ago

amania6. I am trusting

I know that some people think that being too trusting at times can be dangerous. I don’t think I’m gullible though. I just believe that things sort out on their own and I don’t have to control them too much. I try to see good in people too. 22 months ago

amania5. I can admit when I'm wrong

Everybody is wrong sometimes, right? I have no problem admitting it and saying “sorry”. 22 months ago

amania4. I am assertive

I think I am self-assertive in situations that require to say no. I realized it when I talked to my sister and she told me how easily she was influenced by other people. 22 months ago

amania3. I am open-minded

This is something I am still working on. I consider myself to be rather open-minded and tolerant person. I try to judge others as little as possible and I don’t condemn people even if I don’t agree. 23 months ago

amania2. I am optimistic

I think I see the world in bright colours (it’s not always been like this), I am a happy person. I am proud I was able to change my general attitude :) 23 months ago

amania1. I am persistent

I work on my goals, sometimes slower sometimes faster but if I want to do something I will do it or at least try. I admit that sometimes I am too stubborn (I’m a typical Taurus after all) but being persistent is somewthing I am proud of – it let me do many things other people keep asking: How did you do this? 23 months ago

MagicalThinking 2 years ago

Kristy Birdsall 2 years ago

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