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To raise healthy well-adjusted adults(my children)


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sevinstoreyyes it's my fault

so I picked someone who is not very good with children(my children can’t read this and I would never say these things in front of them),and she is pretty self-absorbed,greedy,angry,materilistic,and most of the time a hateful person who is not happy.It is my fault,I should have been more “picky” about who I chose to procreate with,and it haunts me everyday of our life.I was not a perfect person in our relationship,I was young and stupid most of the time,but I’m older now and more mature and I want to put the children first,as it should be.The problem is her,she can’t get past the hatred she has for me and she has stated more than once she is going to make my life miserable for what I did to her,what did I do?I supported her through Nursing school and she is now an R.N. making well above average salary(twice as much as me),and she has two beautiful children.What is so wrong with that?Meanwhile back on the homefront,I do the best I can to deal with her outbursts(in front of our children)and her constant harassing(it’s been almost four years since the divorce),and her general hostility toward me.What am I to do? 5 years ago

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