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Get My Ears Pierced Again

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Piercing Ear

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jenn22571 3 months ago

Kittee Lee 8 months ago

catiamelo 2 years ago

PhoebeNovella 2 years ago


double piercing on left ear. hurt like crazy but I love them. 23 months ago

Kali_cat 4 years ago

krl7295 23 months ago

writelydie 4 years ago

capnwood3 3 years ago

Eleanorf 2 years ago

Ron Walters 2 years ago

MizHunnyBunnyPiercing Addict

Just a year ago in later 2010 I had my ears pierced for the first time. Before I had them pierced I’ve always wanted some exotic looking piercing on my body, now that I have the basic ones I’ve been dieing for more. About a month after I had them pierced by a PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR; I had sorta taken matters into my own hands because my parents still do not allow me to get any cartilage piercings or any other kind of piercings on my body. Ended up taking a small sewing needle and pushing it through the lower side of my right ear without using any “numbing” techniques. I highly recomend that you do not try this because you could very well screw up the piercing and have a permanant scar on your ear, or let it get infected and might have to get your ear surgically removed. Besides all that, I kept a close eye on the new piercing, had experienced piercers and docters check it out and it turned out alright for what it was. Sadly after all that I am still not satisfied and I would love to get more piercings. I would like to get three more on my right (two of those piercings would be arranged for a barbell) ear and four more on my left ear. Still haven’t decided whether I should get a facial piercing or not, possibly tongue. 2 years ago

MizHunnyBunny 2 years ago

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