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Creating, pitching, and teaching the Budgeting Basics class was a huge personal success. It felt amazing to take it the entire distance. I hope I will teach it again. I do need to make some edits and improvements to the book before the next round. It was an awesome experience and a dream come true. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsLast Class

Tomorrow’s my last Budgeting Basics class. It’s been so much fun and so fulfilling. I don’t know what my next step is. We’ll see… 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrums2nd class session down

I loved teaching today. My car broke, down but luckily my neighbor was home and offered me a ride so I didn’t miss class. It was raining so only 6 of the 8 students showed up. I was a little afraid that no one would come back. It was great though. Everyone participated and gave me some input on the book. We flew through the 1 1/2 hours and nobody wanted to take a break. I’m surprised by how comfortable I felt. I didn’t even care that I wasn’t sure how I was getting home. I ended up walking the mile and a half, and it was fine. I’m so thankful and grateful and proud for this being in my life. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsFirst class completed

I had my first class session this morning! There were six students who preregistered and 2 that added. It was fun, and the time flew by. Everyone participated. It went good for me, and I’m hoping the students did and will continue to get something out of it. It feels weird calling myself a teacher, I feel more like a group leader. I wish I could teach this full time instead of working an office job. It felt so good. I love it. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsFirst class is this Saturday!

I got enough students signed up to take my Budgeting Basics class, so this is really happening. Crazy what you can do. I have my book printed and ready to go. I’m scared and excited. I hope to give the students their money’s worthh. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsJan 30 - Feb 20 2010

I got the teaching gig! I just need 5-6 students to sign up for the course. I met with the school director yesterday and she was really impressed with the program. Yippie!! 4 years ago


My interview was canceled for today. I didn’t find out until I was already there. I knew there was a reason I didn’t feel nervous. It should be rescheduled for Monday at 4pm. 4 years ago


I have an interview to teach my proposed course on Wednesday! It’s so unreal. I’m amazed at how much I have accomplished. Every little step is worth celebrating, and even if this is as far as I make it for now, I’ve achieved more than I originally thought possible. 4 years ago


I got a call today to schedule an interview for my Budgeting Basics class!!! I should have an interview sometime next week. I’m hoping for Monday or Wednesday. 4 years ago


I mailed in my Money Muscle Budgeting Basics course proposal yesterday. I have no expectations, and am open to teaching the course if it is selected, or not. 4 years ago


I made a goal with my Money Buddy to have my proposal ready to submit today. It didn’t happen. It’s all there and ready, I just need to print it. I still have time before the August 31st date, so I should still be good. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsSo close

I am so close to submitting my course proposal for the winter/spring session. I just need to finalize my application, print my materials, and mail it all in. I need to get some ink so I can print everything out. Then I need to go to the post office Saturday to mail it. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsDeadline August 31!

I just found out today that the deadline to propose my course for the Winter and Spring sessions is August 31st. That means I best be getting to it! Wish me luck, and success. 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsjanuary 2010

It is my goal and ambition to teach the Money Muscle Financial Fitness Training course by the end of January 2010. That gives me 6 months to get the program together. I have it kind of mapped out and have a strong direction to follow. I need to find a way to get my book into print for a cheap price. I’m determined to make blurb work for me. I think if I format my book in Photoshop, I can get it to import right. The Money Muscle is my mission! 4 years ago

ladyplaysdrumsIn the Mail...

I completed my new course proposal tonight and am putting it in the mail tomorrow. I’m aiming to have the course included in the Spring 2009 Community Services catalog. I am working to create an image of myself in my head as a teacher. It’s weird. It’s fun. I think I would like it, and would hopefully be good at it. 5 years ago


I have the paperwork to propose a Budget Basics course as a community service class at my local city college. I have a 6 week course outline that I think will be successful. My plan is to use this course to get my book and business started. I submitted my book to an agent and while she is interested in the book, she said that I need experience speaking and consulting on the topic before any agent would consider representing it. I finally know exactly what to do, and now I just have to do it. 5 years ago

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