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sarahinparisRoasted Fennel Salad w Red Onion & Orange

This was delicious (everything I’ve made from Food52’s “genius recipes” has been great).

Super easy, bursting with flavor, good served at room temperature or hot

http://food52.com/recipes/26899-molly-stevens-roasted-fennel-red-onion-and-orange-salad 1 month ago

nevadagirlamber 2 years ago

nevadagirlamberLemon curd......damn!

So, this recipe is awesome. I’m sure I will be sneaking spoonfuls all week!
http://www.thehungrymouse.com/2012/04/04/homemade-lemon-curd/ 9 months ago

nevadagirlamberPeach pie

With fresh peaches….and a prepared crust to balance it out. Fantastic! 10 months ago

nevadagirlamberChicken wings

And dinner with a friend, what a great night. I really do enjoy cooking for and enjoying food with friends. I baked these up with a sauce made of honey (finally used up my Latvian batch!), soy sauce (just a little, watching out for the old thyroid), garlic and ketchup. Fantastic. I made a simple plate with wings only baked with some salt and pepper and they were great as well. Damn, I’m hungry again! 11 months ago

nevadagirlamberMeatballs and chocolate peanut butter pie

My spaghetti and meatballs was not too impressive tonight, but finally I have made meatballs!


The pie will be much better tomorrow when it is frozen, like ice cream!

http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/chocolate-peanut-butter-pie/ba46b50e-0244-4013-96dd-cc03ee7a8068/ 15 months ago

nevadagirlamberWow! Quinoa and black beans

I love this dish! It went really well with the fish I served up, and it will be great tomorrow by itself of lunch.

http://allrecipes.com/recipe/quinoa-and-black-beans/detail.aspx 15 months ago

nevadagirlamberSo sweet!

If you need a super easy sweet dish, then choose these bayou brownies:

They turned out pretty darn good, though only after they had a day to cool off. 15 months ago

nevadagirlamberhoney granola cookies

So I went a little nutso when I first moved to Vegas and found that Bob’s Red Mill products are everywhere! We used to be able to get these products only when we came to the city.

Any, if you are still with me after that bo-ring interlude, I had a bunch-o granola on hand. I love honey too, so this recipe was a good thing to try: http://boulder.wholefoodsmarketcooking.com/recipes/12097_honey_granola_cookies

Cooking them up was super easy and really they taste just like your run of the mill oatmeal cookies. Not bad, but I am not sure I’ll try to make these again. Instead I’d go for making my mom’s oatmeal cookies.

I’m getting old – as a kid the idea of raisins in cookies was anathema. I just dreamed about a oatmeal and raisin cookie. 15 months ago

nevadagirlamberLemon chicken with sweet chili quinoa

Damnnnnnn this was good. I’ve been wanting to make lemon chicken for a long time now and I think it turned out great. Next time though I will try and bake the chicken and see how it turns out.

Am happy with my cooking inspiration! 15 months ago

nevadagirlamberQuinoa side dish

I haven’t cooked with this grain before but I like it and will def cook with it in the future.
http://lisasdinnertimedish.com/?p=2951 15 months ago

nevadagirlamberCoq au vin avec soubise

Lovely dinner of chicken in a wine sauce with braised onions and rice on the side. I broke down a full fryer chicken and truly suffered for my craft when I rubbed my onion hands in my eye! 15 months ago


I received “mastering the art of French cooking” (both volumes!) for Christmas. I had to create a basic side dish for dinner tonight so I gave risotto a try. Tastes like ricearoni, not quite the Venetian delight I’d hoped it would be. Still lovely. 16 months ago

nevadagirlamber# 1 Honey soaked bundt cake

I loove making desserts and I found this recipe on one of my favorite online cookbooks:

I used honey instead of almond extract and used it quite liberally in the frosting(I only used about 1/4 of the sugar called for on the icing).

If I don’t say so myself, it was fabulous! I need to start cooking in general and as such I changed the actual title of this goal so that I can use all of my cook books and resources. I’ve asked for Julia Childs’ Art of French Cooking for Christmas so I can’t wait to try out some of that stuff as well.

Photos for the next ones! 17 months ago

Mrs. SaadUntitled

Cooking is like love….I really enjoy trying new recipes without being restricted to one cuisine! We should try each & every cuisine as there is so much to taste in the word.

If u r fond of food, you can check out my blog :)

http://i-recipes.blogspot.com 23 months ago

Mrs. Saad 23 months ago

sarahinparis9. Celery root rémoulade

I might have made other recipes in the past few weeks – I’m finding it hard to find the time for regular check ins here right now.

I made this classic French appetizer salad this week. I liked it, didn’t love it, and it turns out my husband who eats everything told me he’s not a big fan of celery root (he also said my version was among the best he’s ever had, it’s just the vegetable itself he doesn’t like). My stepson ate it and even took seconds, but given that my husband is not a big fan I don’t see making this very regularly. I’m kind of like him with this celery root thing in general – I eat it when it’s served to me, but I’m not a big fan (and I like vegetables a lot, it’s just that I like most other veggies better than this one).

http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/classic-celery-root-remoulade-recipe/index.html 2 years ago

sarahinparis8. Braised bok choy

I picked up some bok choy (Chinese cabbages sort of like small swiss chard) at the Asian market, then searched Google until I found a recipe that looked simple and good.

Success, with chicken broth, butter and a drop of sesame oil, and it’s a cooking technique that could be useful for many other veggies (although the bok choy were delicious & I’ll make them again!) 2 years ago

sarahinparis7. Paul Bertolli's Cauliflower Soup

When you taste it you’ll swear there is cream in it.

As a cook you will marvel at the specific steps.

It’s one onion, one head of cauliflower, and water.

It’s Amazing.


I will try the technique with broccoli and with zucchini, but I get I will keep it in rotation just as is. 2 years ago

sarahinparis6. Roasted Eggplant w goat cheese & almonds

I made this recipe as a side dish this week. My husband liked it a lot and he’s not a big veggie person. I thought it was too much, too many flavors, too powerful, but I like veggies a lot and I like them pretty plain, so maybe that’s the big difference.


I’d make it again, but cut back on the “dressing” (only half as much) and use a milder form of goat cheese (the one I used was quite strong). I actually think the dish would be just as good without the cheese, but my husband said that was what made it interesting.

I did use regular slivered almonds, not smoked almonds like the recipe calls for (I try to avoid processed foods and artificial flavors) 2 years ago

sarahinparis5. Clementine cake

Bought two kilos of organic clementines and started looking for recipes. I’d bookmarked this before but never tried it.


My husband really liked it, and it was super easy to make. It seems to need a sauce to liven it up a bit – we’ve tried yogurt and also I made a clementine caramel (with segments of clementine floating in a light caramel sauce).

Would add this to keeper recipes for cakes that are super easy and hold up over several days. 2 years ago

sarahinparis4. Crunchy scallops with green apple and beurre blanc

Another of the recipes learned last weekend in cooking class that I wanted to make myself rapidly.

Everything came out well, even the elements we hadn’t done in class.

Will change a few things for next time, such as better seasoning (I’m always hesitant to add salt to a recipe until I’ve tried it even if it seemed under seasoned while I was preparing it). Will also try my husband’s suggestion to cut the scallops in half (height) to see if the ratio of crunchy filo to scallop is better.

The sauce was awesome and no doubt will be good on many other things. 2 years ago

sarahinparis3. Chicken breast roulade

We learned this recipe at cooking class last week, and I wanted to make it at home quickly, to make sure I don’t forget it, and to play with variations

In class we filled the chicken breasts with crawfish and spinach, and made a seafood sauce. I loved the presentation and the technique, but I’m not a fan of fish and chicken in e same dish.

I made this batch with spinach prosciutto and parmesean. They were too salty and not peppered enough, so need to refine this further.

On the plus side, the technique is great, easy to do ahead as well, and probably there are tons of variations that will work. The family loved it, so I will definitely keep working with this. 2 years ago

sarahinparis2. Shrimp Fra Diavolo

I made this spicy semi-Italian shrimp dish for dinner last night. It was a big hit with all of us, and it’s sure to become a regular feature at our dinner table.

I did modify it by cooking the shrimp in the sauce at the end instead of cooking them in their own step, I figured they’d have more flavor this way & it was simpler. Next time I’d probably dice a zucchini & throw it in to up the veggie quotient.

Three reasons this recipe will stick around :
1) Recipe & prep is really easy, and spices etc can easily adapt to what you have on hand

2) It’s easy to have all the ingredients on hand for a “what’s for dinner?” night when nothing is planned (just need to keep packages of frozen shrimp in the freezer, which I will now that I have a go-to recipe for them)

3) Can make the sauce part ahead and cook the shrimp in the sauce when you’re ready to actually eat. My husband often misjudges time and comes home late, so this is a great thing for us.

http://www.thesplatteredapron.com/shrimp-fra-diavolo 2 years ago

sarahinparis1. Poached pollock with lemon cream sauce

It was a brave way to start cooking more fish by starting with a whole poached fish instead of just filets, but the recipe worked and the technique is easy. I’d do it again, although I’d like to try it with less liquid, and frankly I was pretty grossed out by the whole fish (eyes, teeth!) so I’ll stick with filets for a while.

The lemon cream sauce was kind of dull. I need to find some other quick sauce recipes for fish, I wouldn’t make is one again. 2 years ago

sarahinparis 2 years ago

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