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Compassion in ArtEverlasting Love

I don’t believe most people “find” everlasting love.

In real life, with humans, most people don’t find someone who will give them everlasting love.

For me, everlasting love is a choice. Repeatedly, I’ve made the decision to give someone else everlasting love. While feelings are involved, it’s been more of a decision than a “finding” or a “lucky circumstance.”

Some people don’t “find” everlasting loves. Rather, some of us choose to never stop loving – and those choices create never ending loves.

Further, to anyone who has never found a “love of their life” and has given up trying, I’d ask them to consider this:

If I’d never found a great love, I would have never stopped searching and working toward it every day of my life.

My solution somewhat begs the question: But if you’ve stopped looking for a great love – that decision, to be a person who has given up looking for a great love, may be a reason you’ve never “found” one – or it may be a contributing consideration why love has not endured with you.

People who are in great love relationships may be the same people who, if they had not yet found a great love, would have never stopped working and trying for a great love relationship every day until they found one – working first to be a person with the time, priorities, and skills to be a part of a great love relationship, and also relentlessly looking for others willing and wanting to do the every-single-day work to create and maintain a great love. 2 years ago

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