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read sixth Harry Potter book

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6th Harry Potter Book

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I bought it the day it came out, which was also the day I left to go to my week long camp. Actually, my dad ran into the store and got it for me, right before we got on the freeway. Two days before the end of camp I finished it. Awesome book. Every Harry Potter reader out there should read it.Now I just have to sit back and wait for the 7th. 7 years ago

Julietill the next

when the 6th came out
i stop procrastinating on reading the 5th
and then i read them both
now till the 7th
cant wait :] 7 years ago


dont read it. dumbledore died. 7 years ago


I read the book, it was awesome, totally unexpected things happen that will change the rest of the wizard world forever. THe book was totally exciting, the only downside is that u’ll have to wait even longer till the next book, u shuld prbly start to read it once u find out when the release date of the next book is comin,g then organize ur schedule so that u finish reading the 6th book, right when the 7th book comes out, that way u won’t feel like ur addicted ,lol 8 years ago


come in 8 years ago


great book, but also a bit sad :( 8 years ago

Martina RobinsonGoing Back to Hogwarts!

It took me about a week and a half, because I was busy at dance teacher training. I enjoyed the book a lot, although it was sad in the end. A great escape for the stressed out. 8 years ago

pu3I do want it!

I haven’t read the 5th HP yet ,actually.The translation version is on the way. It’s kinda weird for me to understand the story by reading the english version before reading the translated version. i want to collect all editions of HP, thus i want to read every edition of them. 8 years ago

melee87First one I actually got delivered

It was very good, the ending didn’t surprise me too much, but still very well-written. I wonder how she will wrap it all up with the last book? I was also very happy that i finished the book in about 4 days. 8 years ago

middelwarning: spoiler!!! be warned... read no further!

k, a bit disappointing but i have a prediction though it might just be wishful thinking:

even though Dumbledore dies, i don’t think he’s really dead. maybe it’s just because i’m hoping for Snape to have a redemptive purpose in all of this and don’t want the typecast of the evil character to be followed through. also, it would be a betrayal of Dumbledore’s character and wisdom to foolishly trust an obvious con from the start… are we, the readers, and Harry, et.al. the only ones to see Snape is evil. but Rowling kept throwing us off. that’s why i think it’s a ruse.

against my hypothesis:
Dumbledore warned us that great minds make great mistakes. that could foreshadow his fatal error.

for my hypothesis:
Dumbledore was curiously edging aside which hints that something was up. he also “begs” Snape for something or other and that could be to do exactly what he does. Snape might be a part of the ruse. he does it himself because he’s the only one that can appear to kill D. without actually doing it. thus, he prevents Malfoy from doing it by appearing to do it himself. he is thereby alienating Malfoy who already believes that Snape is after the glory in Voldemort’s eyes.

these are my predictions, and i’m sticking to ‘em until i read the next (7th) book. at which time i’ll likely change this entire post and make myself seem like i was right all along. ;) 8 years ago


OMG…sooooo good. It’s amazing! I cannot wait for #7…..I think this is my favorite so far! 8 years ago

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