2009: Ask my husband on one date a month

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Recent activity

SlayneBWe are seeing a movie in December that is coming out

and am going for another picnic this month.

So this goal, is, wonderfully, happily, done. 4 years ago

wrenAn evening with David Sedaris

was our date for October.

I enjoyed the excitement of being out at night with Mr. Wren and going into the city very much but doubt I’ll be spending another evening with David Sedaris. 4 years ago

SlayneBSunday is our first wedding anniversary

we decided the picnic and hike was worth repeating. 4 years ago

SlayneBWe both have next Saturday off

I asked him to go hiking in the woods and to have a picnic. 4 years ago

SlayneBMabon madness

We went to the Tequesta fire circle for the fall equinox, had dinner at a diner afterwards. Nice little date night. 4 years ago

wrenSeptember's date is all lined up

for next week. We will be going to the local sheepdog trials This is a big and very fun event filled with BORDER COLLIES! In addition to the sheepherding trials, there are also duck herding exhibitions, ultimutt dog shows, SplashDogs (my favorite), and food. I am really looking forward to it! 4 years ago

wrenasked him this morning!

I asked Mr. Wren if he would go for lunch & the movie Julie & Julia this weekend. And he said yes! Of course, it is pretty safe asking your husband on a date, isn’t it? :)4 years ago

SlayneBJuly's date

We actually, together, have a Sat. nite where we don’t have to work, hang with friends,or do anything else. A rare event. I have seized the date, and Hubby Je and I are going to do something, then follow it up by some serious romantic time, complete with candles and incense.

Wrennie, this is a fantabolously great idea! 4 years ago

wrenJune Date

For our date in June, Mr. Wren and I visited the Utah Arts Festival. Before we went, I put glitter all over us both with my Lush Glitterbug massage bar. It was fun being all sparkly in the sun and seeing sparkles on Mr. Wren. It was nice walking in the warm sunshine and looking at things. The food at the festival was a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be all junk, but it was actually good stuff, with lots of healthy choices. My favorite Thai restaurant had a booth there, and we got lunch from it.

While we were walking around, I started to notice an astonishing number of people with limbs in casts and braces. So I started a count. It was silly and funny. We also made a game of kissing in every shady place that we came to.

The art booths were too crowded to visit much, but one stood out. It was by a painter named Daniel Ng Mr. Wren really liked his work, and I like it too. I decided that I am going to get a piece for Mr. Wren’s birthday gift.

When we’d had enough festival, we visited the big Salt Lake library. It had these wild disorienting elevators that I can’t even begin to describe, but they were fun. It was the fanciest, most modern library that I have ever been to.

Then we came home & had a nice nap.

I am glad I thought up this idea for our monthly date. It was a big success! 4 years ago

wrenJune date

Now that Mr. Wren is back home, it’s time to resume this goal in earnest. I called him up today and asked him to go to the Utah Arts Festival with me this weekend. It looks like fun, with the only downside being that they do not welcome dogs… 4 years ago

wrenApril date...

I’m not sure if this goal is worth it now. These days, whenever Mr. Wren and I see each other, it is exciting, so the point of the monthly date seems kind of moot.

Nevertheless…Mr. Wren won’t be able to come home this week, as the big health inspection is scheduled for his day off. So instead, I am going to take a day off work and go to see him. The weather is going to be nice, and he is going to try to not have to work for one of the days when I am there. I think that for our monthly date I will try to organize a nice picnic. That sounds pleasant. 5 years ago

wrenFor March

I asked Mr. Wren to go to the Arlo Guthrie concert with me. I actually bought the tickets some time ago, before Mr. Wren took the job in Bryce Canyon. It is going to be a long drive for this date for Mr. Wren, but he says he is going to do it! 5 years ago

wrenOur February date was last night,

and it was actually our second date that I organized this month. The first one was a fun lunch date last weekend.

This date featured romantic dinner, followed by a Leo Kottke concert. It was a fun evening all around, with one exception. We had to sit through Leo Kottke’s opening act, Loudon Wainwright III, which, Mr. Wren & I agreed, was excruciating and seemed as if it would never end. 5 years ago

wrenJanuary's date...

Mr. Wren & I drove to Park City, where we had some very good Chinese food for lunch, then went to see Gran Torino. Mr. Wren is a great fan of Clint Eastwood, and I thought the film was really well done, too.

Okay, so I get no points for creativity, but still it was a nice afternoon. :) 5 years ago

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