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open both eyes - see and acknowledge the dark and light

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Beginnings HereI keep finding the courage to say no

He keeps coming at me….wanting this without acknowledging the dark and light about it.

I see it. I see him clearly. The dark and the light.

I could live with it. He cannot. He cannot live with his darkness.

It is a problem when folks subordinate…not celebrate their darkness. It just keeps coming bigger and looming larger.

Pull it out…deal with it. 5 hours ago

Beginnings Hereforcing the dark and to see with both eyes

So I did force it…but it took months of getting him to open his eyes or at least acknowledge it.

So we both look – together – and see – that there is good and there is light within our relationship = but the dark parts, the mismatch, the harder parts of who he can become, and who I don’t like when I look all feed into making this an endpoint.


But I was willing to know the truth and face it.

OR for that, I am again proud. He would have hid for months more, if not years, had I not called him out on it.

I should have acted upon noticing instead of waiting for the day that he found his courage.

Lesson learned. 12 months ago

Beginnings Herei wanted to be done but i see in the entries the work i must do

i have turned a blind eye in my love life.

i know what the issue is. I am afraid.

i know i will lose him if i look.

i know i will lose him if i push to know what is there.

i know i will not accept it, or him if it remains.

how to get through this? how to reconcile?

but look with both eyes – respond accordingly. 15 months ago

Beginnings Herei bring this to be

I acknowledge the dark. He doesn’t like it.

I refuse a partnership – because I can see the partner doesn’t value or support me.

I can see both.

It is ok. 18 months ago

Beginnings Herechallenged on this right now

I have a situation…where I just want to see the light…
I don’t want to look at the dark…
Because I don’t like it.

I don’t want it and I will reject it.

The lesson I have learned… see both

and know that we all have our dark parts

our shadow selves

be willing to see his

do not be afraid of what you find

just respond to it



tell him how you feel about it

how you can live with it

what the boundaries of his dark look like for you

what is within the range of your normal

discover his

go from there.

see with both eyes…. you must.

you will. 22 months ago

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