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be more positive

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DarsBlurred lines

Positivity. It’s a tricky one. I’ve had my account for over 8 years now and this was one of my first goals. Looking back I always kept it up there, as a reminder of sorts. Now with more wisdom I appreciate the power of optimism but I also value the importance and meaning of other emotions, including those of negativity. Because even they have their place and purpose in life. I am no longer a chaser of happiness for it is a fruitless endeavour. Instead I try my best to live in the present and to accept negative thoughts for what they truly are: just words. Nothing more. In doing this I have come to view life more positively. Learning that happiness is simply a bonus when one lives in the present can be a difficult lesson but one that I cherish. 2 weeks ago

Dars 8 years ago

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Bob1623Morale Problem

We have a morale problem at my workplace. My company does a survey every year to gauge employee morale, and this year it shows to be the lowest it has ever been. My boss is even been very negative and he is suppose to be our leader.

So the question to our team: What do we do to get our team’s morale and motivation back?

Now I am never one to offer any ideas on this type of question. In fact I am well known at work to be the guy who sees the glass as half empty, and leaking. But I did offer one suggestion. That was to just keep a positive attitude about work. The problems we have are solvable, we just have to find the help from others in the company, be smart, and work through the issues. I even suggested to help focus the positive attitude that people should daily list the five things they are grateful for.

Several people on the team were somewhat dumbstruck that it was I who was suggesting these things. “What the heck has got into Bob” was the basic thought.

To tell the truth, I could not believe I brought up the things I did. I’m not sure it will help our team much, but it has helped me. And much of the credit I give is to 43Things and all the people here. The goals, the cheers, the conversations, the encouragement and support have done more for my attitude than anything else I have experienced.

So thank you to everyone here. You have done so much for me. I love you all. 1 month ago

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Sometimes just smile at the strangers on the street and becoming a smile back, makes me feel so happy. It’s a small nice gift we can share without paying for that, can make your day a little bit better. :) 2 months ago

LiniLeons 2 months ago

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