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Okay I’m trying to create a popclogs account & it keeps telling me invalid email account? I keep entering my email account & it’s not accepting it. I’ve done this before on many sites. Did any of you have any problems creating an account? this is frustrating..:/ 4 months ago

Kimber~6 Lessons Travel Teaches You That College Never Will by Ryan O'Rourke

Travel versus college: the eternal debate rages on with no clear-cut winner. Faced with rising tuition costs and a less than satisfying job market, many would-be college students are ditching their knapsacks and textbooks for rucksacks and guidebooks. But is putting your future on hold for a year of travel the best idea?

Although both sides have their merits, there are simply some things you’ll never learn from scribbling notes in a stuffy lecture hall. Struggling to choose between travel and college? Consider these six lessons travel teaches you that college never will:

1) You are capable of more than you’ve ever imagined.

No one can deny it: Travel is transformative. And I’m not talking about tired clichés like “how backpacking through Europe changed my life”, but the ability of travel to affect a tangible and lasting impact on your life.

Travel can turn introverts into extroverts, bring confidence to the meek, and create adrenaline junkies out of thin air; it pushes your physical and mental limits, forcing you to quickly adapt to uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations.

Want to see what you’re truly made of? Travel.

2) People are fundamentally good.

Whether you live in New York, Dubai or Karachi, human beings are driven by the same basic desires. We care for our family and friends. We seek to protect our loved ones. We strive to improve our lives day after day. Most importantly, we look out for one another.

Without experiencing the world for ourselves we often lose sight of that, relying instead on cheap stereotypes to guide our thinking. Travel reminds us that we are more bound by similarities than separated through differences.

Good is stronger - and more prevalent - than evil. Get out there and see for yourself.

3) You are but a tiny blip on a giant radar.

Our whole lives we’re told were special. Starting at home, continuing into our school years, and even into college, parents, teachers, friends, and work colleagues all do their best to remind us just how important we are.

It can be painful at first, but travel will knock that right out of you. Travel humbles you; it makes you truly realize just how small you are in this great big world.

You are a mere speck in an infinite universe. Accept it: You’ll see it’s not so bad.

4) Stereotypes are ridiculous.

Hollywood can really numb your common sense. If we believed everything we’d ever seen in the movies, we’d think all Russians are villains, all American college kids are alcoholics, and that all Australians do is hunt crocodiles and surf.

Fortunately, travel clears your mind of (most of) that rubbish. Wander around a little and you’ll discover that not all Germans are serious, not all Canadians are overly polite, and not all Swedish women are supermodels.

Well, maybe that last one’s true.

5) The world is not a dangerous place.

Turn on the news at any given moment: Reports about civil wars, armed struggles or terrorist attacks are never too far away. It’s no wonder that announcing travel plans for places like Turkey, Israel or Indonesia can send loved ones into a panic. (I speak from experience.)

Negative news sells, and without venturing beyond your backyard, it’s easy to assume that chaos reigns as soon as you step out of your country’s borders. Never do we hear those feel-good, heart-warming local news stories from around the world. They’re out there. You just need to find them.

6) One person can make a difference.

Grand gestures get all the attention. With philanthropists doling out millions of dollars to charities, it’s difficult to see how ordinary people like us can affect positive change.

Travel shows you the other side of the coin: how tiny gestures can add up to something truly meaningful. You’ll see that don’t need to save a whole village or solve all the world’s problems to impact lives. Be the difference for one person at a time. Even the small can become mighty.

5 months ago

Kimber~LIFE ❤️

5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago

FaustusSearch away

with Gizoogle [explicit language]

Their “translation” of scientific writing is oh-so-good.6 months ago

FaustusTell me your name

and I’ll tell you how old you are. Statistics in action6 months ago


6 months ago

Kimber~accept the light...

6 months ago

Josh 4 years ago


7 months ago

FaustusNever read again...

I know what they’re about, why bother.

If you do twitter, look up #SchuNotes.7 months ago


my feet 7 months ago

BVLGARILove seed

These are one of the beautiful creations in this world.
spent 1 hr 45 min collected 1250 seeds by a mainroad side, in an office attire. 7 months ago

BVLGARIElegant, classy restautant

Took a break.
never thought to come back again… 7 months ago


:) sweet 7 months ago

idkbrblolshare #77

Wed. April 30, 2014
How to pick-up chicks

And… 10-minutes later…

This is Sparta!

Like a boss!

. 7 months ago

idkbrblolshare #76

Sat. Apr. 26

April is:
National Poetry Month
Mathematics Awareness Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
April is also:
Child Abuse Prevention Month, &
Confederate History Month (Southern United States)
(“That’s the fack-jack.” As the knowledge came to me, I share it with you; ignoring social conventionalism of not juxtapositioning the sacred with the mundane. It is what it is. You can’t argue with that.)

Date Cute Russian Women , it says. Sometimes I see that advert – the line-up of cute/hot foreign ladies and think WOW! Yeah, I could look into hey wait-a-minute… What are they trying to pull here? Those women wouldn’t date me; and they probably aren’t even on the dating site.

why does that always HAPPEN?! Yep. Been there!!!! (And still feeling it!) cool. (Mistake was raising his arms but not waiting for the judges “OK-to-begin”)
If you’re gonna deck a guy… for God’s sake, use enough gun!
Watch it closer!
LOL Genius! (so romantic, I’ll bet they got married!) lol

Got more stuff to the Indians
. 7 months ago

idkbrblolshare #75

Thu. Apr. 14, 2:26PM, 57°F
Chinese NASA has chairs with tiny-little-wheels!!

Interesting pic; pretty-dang-sure, though, that I’ve seen one of those images before! (top “smiley,” second-from-right)


Gave nephew talk about doing better in sports (which may help otherwise too). I think he took it well. (I’m just glad that’s a finger – you know some of those internet-people!! lol)
. 7 months ago

Hayootah 8 months ago

idkbrblolold pic

Sun. Apr. 13, 2014

Found a pic I did years & years ago: reminiscent of wow. IDKY I would do such a pic; (I mean, I think I know why I painted the cat), but why the winged-disk?

I don’t know what to share besides that. I thought I had something, but can’t find it.

listened to a bird yesterday: “♫♪pretty-bird♫♪, ♫♪pretty-bird♫♪, ♫♪pretty-bird♫♪, ♫♪pretty-bird♫♪,” I thought to it: “Not conceited, are we?”
I finally felt like Chris Farley, “I wish you’d just shut your big yapper!

Got way out in the woods yesterday, (farther-out than I’d ever been there).
I found a stick.
. 8 months ago

idkbrblolshare #73

got some used clothes off to someones else.

Dexter Roberts – that’s the first time I’ve heard an A-I contestant give props to the band. That was nice of him maybe.

Once again, two men arrested for a fight in a comic-book store in what began as an argument over “Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman.
The accused, Mssrs. Clark Kent & Bruce Wayne, will be arraigned…

Had an interesting thought today – that with all the easy-access to millions-of-guns in America… and only a few get killed (comparatively-speaking) ... we must be some of the nicest people on the planet {mis-managed, but nice}!
. 8 months ago

idkbrblolshare #72

the human condition) interesting: is this also a reference to Plato’s cave?

Tetris scores:

My (puzzle) {...wait-for-it…} ANSWER
. 8 months ago


plays by Shakespeare, in a few panels8 months ago

JoshTo Build A Swing by Hafiz Shirazi

You carry
All the ingredients
To turn your life into a nightmare
Don’t mix them!

You have all the genius
To build a swing in your backyard
For God.
That sounds
Like a hell lot more fun.
Let’s start laughing, drawing blueprints,
Gathering our talented friends.

I will help you
With my divine lyre and drum.
Hafiz will sing a thousand words
You can take into your hands,
Like golden saws,
Silver hammers,
Polished teakwood,
Strong silk rope.

You carry all the ingredients
To turn your existence into joy,
Mix them, mix
Them! 8 months ago

idkbrblolshare #71

Thu. Mar. 27, 3:43 AM

Improved my Tetris Scores:
202418 percentile: 80%
250634 percentile: 80%
293969 percentile: 90%
277199 percentile: 90%
I’m feeling happier with 90%

General Smedley Butler
“I spent 33 years and four months [i.e. 33.3 years] in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.”
Is that an apology? Just wondering.

firemen: wondering, “don’t those firemen have some kind of hand-signals: ‘a little-to-the-left’ or something more efficient?” Apparently what they think makes a great sentence is a paragraph-in-disguise as a run-on-and-on sentence. I did like a couple of them.

Halloween stuff
cute animal
ROFL “ghost poop”

Missing plane being brought-about for distracting people from the Russian attack on their most-recent that other country – Chechnya?)

cool Foldscope [paper microscope]

. 8 months ago

FaustusOh, evolution...

look what you’ve done!

There are other variations of the same general message too, if you enjoy nature :)8 months ago

idkbrblolshare #70 (but not my cheese-dogs)

Sun. Mar. 23, 6:16 AM

- (Re-thought) of a moon idea to include in my movie.

- Got out into the quiet countryside.

- Found a great new clue for my geocache!

- Had some time to think; thought of a future-time when I might have a job kissing pretty ladies, (let me rephrase: ”...might have a job kissing ladies with pretty eyes,” is how I thought of it, almost verbatim). Then I thought of someone saying, why all the emphasis on the pretty-ones? Then I thought, “Well look at all the big-time ministers & politicians… you’d couldn’t find one of them that didn’t have a pretty mistress.” IDK if I said that right… it sounded much better when I thought of it; kind-of a quick double-negative. Oh well.
(It wouldn’t be about kissing, anyways; though such a thought or two might arise now & then, I’m only human.) :-)

- I just found a note to myself. It says, “tea.” I should’ve wrote more down than that – I don’t have a clue as to what this really means!!

- “strategy vs. tactics” This roamed ni my head for a long time from time-to-time; “What’s the difference between ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’?” I think that tactics are little strategies to winning quickly, and a strategy is when you have to be patient and win later. That’s my guess.

- the two-feet of snow is melting. Now we have two-feet of mud! [not my joke, but I liked it.]

- I remember a time when my cousin came over and they were talking about me buying food, and my Mom said that sometimes I buy little expensive treats; then she said that she wasn’t allowed to eat them, (or something to the effect). I was kinda taken-aback by this, as I don’t ever recall saying anything like that. I shouldv’e corrected her right then and there, but didn’t. I should’ve told her that she’s welcome to anything I buy; except for my cheese-dogs! oy :-)
. 9 months ago

idkbrblolshare #69

lol “Saw that coming…”
This gets me thinking a little about other forces we don’t really see, but are part of the natural world.

So, reading one of these web pages, it says that we don’t really go with what’s really true – but we automatically grade things on a curve -according to what fits into our world-view wchich places us near or at the top.
So how can I really learn something new & true, without it just being just a reflection of my ‘a priori’ ego?
maybe Creature of New Habits? or, probably, Political bias affects brain activity, study finds [But beware of the LiveScience “CC”] (...or one of its to/from links – as-much as a few links away.)
This bothered me a little-more than I was really aware-of, until I think I stumbled into a solution for it; we grow in such ways not by just adding new knowledge, but by dropping defensive walls & expanding our views of our possible selves. If we come out of our king’s castle, and see that we also have traits, (maybe even unseemly traits), in the courtyard & hen-house, and can accept that without defenses, then we can automatically incorporate that new knowledge into a less-constricted self. We have to be open to change. {!! As-I-type-this a crow finally comes closer than ever!!!☺ ☺ ☺ I saw it fly off with a little peanut.}

About that first gif up there… I was hoping all those people would stand up and the car would take-off quick again… down they go agin!

Wed. Mar. 19 3:56AM
. 9 months ago

idkbrblolshare #68

Went to the store, and while checking-out, I noticed the collection of lost keyrings hanging behind the cashier. I wondered how people can lose their keys – don’t they hear them fall – how do they get home? One of them was attached to one of them thick neckstraps – the only way that came off was a yeti came-in and ripped it off someone’s torso!!! [I can’t immitate Chubacca’s war-cry; so don’t try to imagine me sitting-here and imitating his war-cry! I’m just saying.]

Michael Bolton: Please, people: “a scratchy voice” + “long, curly hair” does not equal “soul.” ugh.

“So you think Twinkie calories = carrot calories?” Was listening to a guy on t.v. talking about health & nutrition stuff, and this guy said something that made me think of this quote; it stays in my mind a lot.

“cows & cows & cows” music
. 9 months ago

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