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Cornucopia 15 months ago


Yay! It took me a little while to do this but it’s finally done. I feel happy with it but the real challenge will be to live this. There are a couple of points in it that I aspire to be but am very aware that I’m not quite there yet! 9 months ago


I’ve been working over the occasional line in my head for a long time now but I haven’t modified my rough draft in over a year. 9 months ago


14cauliflowers 2 years ago

Dannon Loveland 12 months ago

redlemon29 13 months ago

Karl SteinkopfGuess i need to do this again...

Everything has changed since I did it! 14 months ago

PinkCelestialDreams 15 months ago

NadineRead my "How I did it story"

a) Personal mission statement

My personal mission, which I also intend to carry-out in my career, is to passionately inspire people to become resilient through living my own exhibition of resilience.
The following, in addition, acts as support to the above:

 To listen to everybody that crosses my path with real interest.
 I choose to be the positive change I want to see in the world (adapted from Ghandi).
 To hold on to my values even in the most difficult circumstances.
 To strive to always incorporate compassion into my life.

b) My vision
To create a resilient human society that pursues a safe, sustainable and prosperous future for all. 18 months ago


Nadine 18 months ago

user29541 21 months ago

Cephlapod 21 months ago

1RL 21 months ago

DoctorTeeth 2 years ago

DoctorTeethDone, I guess

Well, I didn’t get any feedback on my mission statement from anyone other than my therapist (who said it was mostly good and some other stuff that I don’t need to relate here), so I guess it’s done. Now I can make it into a poster or something and put it up in a couple of places in my apartment. So, done. Hooray. 21 months ago

user26941 21 months ago

DoctorTeethNearly There?

I honestly didn’t know where to start with this, so I figured doing a little online research wouldn’t help. I looked at quite a few websites, self-coaching and team-building and self-esteem and on and on. Nothing really seemed like it was going to work out right. But I settled on trying one and seeing how it ended up, and if I needed to change it after I would. And it worked out mostly okay.

I picked the personal mission statement builder on the Steven Covey website because my school division focuses on this so much in their community-building and outlook. It seemed way too long and convoluted and when I finally finished I found the output a little disjointed and disorganized, with things that didn’t seem to fit or make sense. So I edited a few things, fixed the flow a little, and this is what I came up with. Any honest feedback would be helpful; it’s only my first pass at this.

I will move forward in life by setting myself clear goals and cultivating the desire to achieve those goals. To do those things I need to keep myself well-maintained, and surround myself with people who are creative, interesting, intelligent, and focused.

When I feel bogged down by focusing on my past failures and current fears, I will actively and mindfully stop ruminating and take one small, positive step forward. I need to focus on four dimensions of my life: improving my physical health across multiple dimensions; learning to quiet my mind and live mindfully; improving and developing new skills, with a particular focus on work; and getting over my divorce and fear of trusting others.

I will continue to create a career path where I am able to play with children, and help their caregivers to nurture and develop them into good communicators, learners, and citizens.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into the professional and personal aspects of my life: passion and creativity, mentorship, and strength and fortitude of character. These are things I respect in others and would like to see in myself.

I will try to train my platonic charioteer to better control his steeds but not abandon hope when they get startled. I will allow myself to fail in little ways before failing in large ones. I will continue to be one man struggling against himself for the rest of my life, a fight I cannot win but must not stop fighting.22 months ago


I now have the beginning of a mission statement built on a foundation of my values! I have more clarity into what I want to be and to do in my life. I can also start to detect the values and principles upon which my life is based.

I can continue to write and revise my mission statement until I feel it reflects what I live for. (I could also try going through the Freewrite section of the site to help me refine my mission and values, or I could visit the Get Inspired section for more ideas.)

I am at my best when I have a clear idea of what I am doing and I am well rested with a short yoga session..
I will try to prevent times when I am tired and have no clear idea of what I am doing and lack focus..
I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can Make lots of money. Help people..
I will find enjoyment in my personal life through Spend time doing things with the family..
I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as Number crunching.
I can do anything I set my mind to. I will be a trader..
My life’s journey is create a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect..
I will be a person who Son and daughter say I was a good dad to them when they were growing up..
My most important future contribution to others will be Help son and daughter be well-adjusted human beings..

I will stop procrastinating and start working on:
stop sabotaging myself by believing in the worthiness of my actions and by extension, myself.
commit to myself so I can commit to others.
adopt self-discipline.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:
2.do 15 minutes yoga every day (with relaxing music)
3.exert / exude extroversion
4.find helpees 22 months ago

outoftheclouds 2 years ago

artsaveslifeEverywhere I go regularly.

It would be good to have a mission statement for everything I do on a regular basis so that when I attend to these tasks or functions or whatever they may be… I will be on purpose an focused and therefore get the most out of it. 2 years ago

junelz 2 years ago

thecolourpurple90 2 years ago

thecolourpurple90I want to be the best possible version of myself, living every moment to the full and feeling happy with what I've achieved.

To do this, I’d like to:
- Work consistently to achieve my academic and career goals
- Have an organised, healthy and busy lifestyle.
- Enjoy a wide range of interests, skills and creative outlets.
- Most importantly, have the mutual support of a group of true friends and family.

What do you think? :) 2 years ago

ladyhawk008 2 years ago

EmeraldcharmBe Happy and keep dreaming.

To be happy in all the circumstances and not get affected by others emotions.Not to expect anything from anyone but give as much as possible. 2 years ago

Emeraldcharm 2 years ago

artsaveslife 2 years ago

Sean ElstoneMy mission:

My mission is to continuously strive to be better than the moment before. By this I mean in knowledge, understanding, patience, love, hard work, strength, forgiveness, physical well-being, be an active part of my community and give back. Given this goal, I promise to myself to stay curious and young at heart, and by doing so, preserve the better parts of me at my foundation and provide the energy to continue. I promise to my wife to love her, care for her and be the best partner for her that I can be.

I’ll come back to read and revise 2 years ago

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