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play scrabble... and win.

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I love scrabble… especially when I play and win with my younger sister…. :) 6 years ago

bartzturkeymomWe take Turns

In Scrabble it’s all about the tiles. I am a great speller and have a large vocabulary, but if I pull qxcdgnf and there’s nothing I can add those tiles to on the board – tough luck. Thankfully, I know a lot of good small words that can help turn the tide in my direction. 7 years ago

lozosbornei did it!

In September 2006, a game of scrabble online ended with the following scores:
Lauren: 289
Linda(my mum): 218

So, I did win.
And not only did I win, I won against my mother- the best speller I know! If you ever want to be able to spell something, my mum is the one to call! Infact, I think I even rang her from work once to ask her to spell something for me!

I wonder why I didn’t tick off this goal at the time… 7 years ago


W-I-N-N-E-R spells winner! but only a lousy nine points. The best way to win is to hit tripple word scores with words containing Q, Z, X or J. 7 years ago

lozosborneif at first you don't succeed...

try try again!
(why is “try” repeated in that saying anyway?)

I lost our last game of scrabble, 239 to 233.

So, I’m trying again!
You can see our game here.
I got off to a great start with 25 points for “quest” (the Q is on a double letter score!) 7 years ago

lozosbornethis time i'm playing to win...

Mum and I have started yet another game of scrabble online…
You can see it here.

I’m not sure how long it will take me to achieve this goal, as my opponent is a scrabble/spelling/word game genius (Mum says she won a game last week with a score of 399 or something…)
But, I can only try.

I got off to a good start with the word “extol” for 24 points… 7 years ago

Jonathan MahoneyUntitled

Great fun. I wrecked my girlfriend one time and then I continued to ruin her grandmother. :-P I kinda felt bad. Oh well… Haha. 7 years ago

TheGoldenGirlKicked my boyfriend's ass.

My BF is the smartest guy I’ve ever met. But when we get down to Scrabble, I win by 100 points. I have no idea what it is, but we’re always challenging each other to a Scrabble battle. We’re due for one when he visits next Friday. It’s cute how he thinks he has a chance. 7 years ago

Listen closely...Oh yes this is worth doing...

...many times over. 7 years ago

cranberrygoddessI love it :P

These days I almost always win. The last game I beat my dad by about 100 points, even though he got all his letters out in the first move. I don’t think I’m good enough to compete at it though.

Scrabble was always our family game. We used to play it with my grandma and secretly pass letters under the table to trade for what we wanted. She was deaf so didn’t hear our negotiations. These days I never cheat, but it was fun back then :P

Though really, I have almost as much fun if I don’t win, and it’s nice to share it around occasionally – I don’t like to let people win though, that seems too much like false pity. 7 years ago

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