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Olasofiatipping tiddly tuppences through tipjoy - twitter

ok sorry for the appalling aliteration

HURRAH! at last there is a mechanism by which we can tip each other tiny amounts!

Tipjoy operates in an integrated way with twitter.. thought independently too.

It seems great. Am trying to work out whether paypal takes a cut.

A few months ago we were crying out for something like this that can be used by anyone with an email address.

This could help to swell The Wave! we could tip each other for inspirations and in a feed-forward way.

hurrah! 5 years ago

happyseaurchininfusing the metaphor in practice

I have shifted from thinking about social engagement as being solid. We are not building foundations, we are not taking first steps, we are not coming up with concrete examples, are we?

In order to manifest this wave, and allowing us to become more fluid in our thinking and wording and engagement, we should be aware of our language, and the tools we use when we communicate across the virtual interface. Twitter might work, and so might this. There is no fixation into something concrete. Everything is temporary, and hence the only we can rely on, is our live engagement.

Meetings should not be fixed, where we sit around a static table (Mamading;). In the same way the revolutionary idea of having the king sit around a round table as an equal with everyone, so we must make the move from a table to something more fluid, so we are more in action. Think of car journeys and the ease of discussion that results. Meetings are not about relaying information. They are not repetitive. They are opportunities for newness. We may approach them free with no expectancy of outcome (Hannah;).

Social entrepreneurs should not fall into the trap of writing up huge documents to try to secure funds. They ought to manifest meetings and if the dynamic works, then continue with it. We do not have to prepared before hand. This sounds crazy, but if we honestly trust one another, then such meetings will be useful: they will be live coming together, with new ideas and energies confluencing positively.

If a document is a brick, and a meeting cement, then we have the world we live in. Prisons for our youth to grow up in. If our words are fluid, and our meetings useful confluence, then have the world we could live in. A world of flux, and if we confluence well, then a world that is sustainable with the natural world. 5 years ago

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