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flo76thesecond 1 week ago

letterboxer 8 years ago

letterboxerFebruary, 2014

Divergent by Veronica Roth. My 12-year-old-son and I had a deal to read it before we saw the movie. Sort of like Hunger Games meets Ender’s Game, only with a little more teen romance (who would have guessed one of her fears was sleeping with her boss?)

Good excuse to kick-start my reading again. I’ve been stalled reading Head Over Heel: Seduced by Southern Italy that I thought I was going to love, but instead its been slow going. Maybe I need to find something else as I’m still 2 months behind in keeping up with this goal. 2 weeks ago


The secondchair is meant for you 3 weeks ago

juwilode 3 weeks ago

Melissa 3 weeks ago


January – Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
February – The Pearl by John Steinbeck 1 month ago

thecynthesizer9 1 month ago


Okay, I’m starting to pick up and read too many books at a time!!! 1 month ago

letterboxerJanuary 2014

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini.

Not quite the home run that The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns were for me. They were both hard to put down and had my heart pouring out for the characters and the Afghanistan people.

This third novel was good. But I didn’t love how it layered new characters on apparently unrelated old characters and then tied them together at the end. At times I was reading and the new characters and story line seemed disjointed from what I’d already read. I found myself asking “who are these people??” But since each character was wonderfully developed, it kept me reading to find out where it all would end up.

I think I would have LOVED this book if it had been more about Pari and Abdullah all the way through and not added in a lot of the other characters, but what do I know?

Time to read something completely different and catch myself up for February. 2 months ago

AnjaaaThird week of Feb

I’m halfway through a unique collection of short stories called Seven Japanese tales by Junichiro Tanizaki. I am also reading a much lighter title, Know-It-All by A.J. Jacobs.

When I was younger, I couldn’t understand how people read several things at a time. Each book was a world and it joggled me to live in multiple realms at a time, reality included. My grandmother, on the other hand, would have a book to read in each area of her home. You could find a biography in the kitchen, a classic in her bedroom, and a contemporary title in the living room. She liked ones set in New York. Needless to say, reference books found their place in the bathroom. Now, I can read two or three books at a time. This actually makes me feel like I’ve graduated and moved on to a higher class in some intangible reading course. It makes me feel like I’m part of a group of readers that my late grandmother belonged to. 2 months ago

AnjaaaFirst week of Feb

I just finished The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. on my Kindle, and I’m not quite done digesting insights, projections, questions and implications. I picked this up because it is touted as an invaluable inside look into a particular guy’s mind as it picks apart his thoughts and attitudes about women and relationships. Nathaniel P. is a soon-to-be celebrated, serious author. Lives in Brooklyn. Middle-class. Of impressive educational pedigree. Assumes he is forward-thinking with regard to social matters, including matters involving women and getting with women. Constantly guilty.

This book didn’t immediately win me over. I only got invested in it at the 70% mark, which is so unusually late that I was surprised it happened at all. But as I read the final paragraph last night, I was very moved, and I felt that it had shown me things – true things about people and about myself. It showed rather than stated aspects of the man-and-woman conversation in ways that made me aware of my judgements (that were long up for evaluation). Ultimately, the reason why it took me so long to deeply care about what the hell was going on is the fact that the main character and his friends aren’t… well.. part of my tribe. Yes, I do enjoy books and ideas and culture. But I do not live in the world of ideas quite like they do. In short, I’m not an intellectual. But it turns out that this did not at all prevent me from appreciating the book. I’d recommend it to friends. I’m pretty sure that a week from now, I’ll still have The Love Affairs on my mind (and emotional digestive track). 2 months ago


This month, I finished Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. It was a crash course in technology and online security, a coming-of-age, and a peek into a particularly geeky group of teens. The book is shamelessly geeky. The group of teens are so into what they do, it makes you want to give something like LARPing a try. The novel sells its brand of geekiness as a form of cool, but the slang used throughout the pages isn’t always convincing. 2 months ago

springforwardJanuary 2014

The Thin Woman’s Brain: Re-wiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss
by Dilia Suriel 2 months ago

AnniekM 2 months ago

LiittleTortilla 2 months ago


So I completed my January book yesterday about Mary Tudor very good read now I’m moving onto Northanger Abbey. 2 months ago


Jan’s book of the month! I’m just past the half way mark with a day to go! That’s progress! 2 months ago

Kloser51 3 months ago

Kikialus 3 months ago

SeanStone 3 months ago

Makatack 3 months ago

mazarrowsmith86Mary Tudor - January's book

I read 3 chapters and the prologue yesterday so far the book is focusing on her grandparents and parents prior to Mary’s birth interesting stuff! 3 months ago


I’m going to start my book on Mary Tudor today :-) 3 months ago


Oh noes, starting to read too many at once. :D 3 months ago

kirstyleebi 3 months ago

vale22 11 months ago

beckraFirst Book- Strong Willed Child

Self explanatory, right? Potential (preliminary) reading list:

1. The New Strong Willed Child- Dr. James Dobson
2. Dare To Discipline- Dr. James Dobson
3. Our Unmet Needs- Charles Stanley

I’d like to throw in some fiction, but honestly, I have no idea what to read. Hmm. Library time is coming up. My mom had some books she loved…maybe I’ll try to find out what they were and check out the series. 3 months ago

beckra 3 months ago

msjoholm 3 months ago

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