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stop pretending that I don't *really* smoke and just actually stop smoking


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Sophieat about the 4 month mark

..but I still don’t feel like I can tick this off my list, because in a week I will be back home, where my dad smokes in my house, and nearly all of my friends and family smoke.
I think it’s been easier to quit since I’ve been in Toronto, where a) none of my friends smoke and b) it’s too freakin cold to go out in the snow every hour or so!!
Hopefully I do OK back home in melbourne..wish me luck! :) 3 years ago

Sophienearly there!

So I’ve made it to the 3 week mark..I still don’t feel convinced I’ll really stop forever but it’s a good start :) 4 years ago

crazyblueexpIt might take me for ever...

yep. a long time 4 years ago

icecoldpokerWin Win situation

I have quit smoking for over 4 months now
It was the one situation in my life where i had NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain – wealth, health and happiness – No longer trapped by the nicotine cycle
Trust me – and do it cold turkey 6 years ago


this is going to take a while 6 years ago


There are people with addictive personalities, and people without. I am without. I socially smoked and finally decided I like running much more than smoking, so I quit. 7 years ago


It’s been more than a year now. And I have to admit that I’m alot better lung wise.

I have to admit that I can use a smoke every now and then. I still crave it at those hard times. It’s probably the hardest thing to not take one and just tell myself to work through it.

I still have alot to work through though.

If you’re still working on this one, take time. It’s a hard thing to do and takes alot of inner strength. You can definitely do it. If I can, you can. 7 years ago


also of note: boyfriend’s mom in the hospital this weekend, having just been diagnosed with emphysema. smoker since age of 11. if this doesn’t put both of us off smoking for good, we have some serious problems. 7 years ago

annaeliseno more cloves

broke all the boyfriend’s cloves into pieces, then after some mental self-convincing, did the same to my own. now the real test is to not buy any more, but at over $6 a pack, shouldn’t be too hard. most difficult will be to make sure the boyfriend doesn’t cheat, as he lives 2 hours away and loves to have a smoke with the guys. will be calling him to nag, of course. 7 years ago

StarBirdREALLY DO IT,,,,

Tomorrow February 17, 2007 will be two years to the day that I REALLY QUIT smoking. It is so worth it. If you would like support doing this Contact anytime… GOOD LUCK !!!! You will also STOP; SMELLING BAD, COUGHING, SPENDING BAD MONEY, LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO SMOKE, WORRYING IF YOU ARE OFFENDING ANYONE, WORRYING, WORRYING, AND WORRYING ABOUT SMOKING…It’s a big change and a lot of good stopping….... 7 years ago

lonelillienot the right time

stress 7 years ago


Ive haven’t been smoking just maybe once a month if that 7 years ago

thatgirlmeghanCleaning up my act...

Stopped eating meat…
Work out a lot…
Eat a lot of wholesome food…
Drink fresh juice and water…
Thrown away three half packs of cigs that I had stashed away in a drawer in my kitchen and the lighters too.

I am an addict. I’ve admitted it. I’m overcoming it.

My lungs are finally fighting me. A smoker’s cough has reared it’s ugly head.

My chest hurts and the act of smoking disgusts me.

I have nicotine gum, but don’t plan on using it.

I have read Allen Carr’s book a bunch of times.

I’m ready to quit for good and forget I ever smoked at all.

Here goes. 8 years ago


This is my 30th week.

I completely forgot about this goal.


I do have to admit, every now and then i do get the need for a smoke, but I’ve gotten stronger and I lost so much fat.

I may not be able to smoke again, but I think I can live without it. 8 years ago

lorinlishNicorette helps

Well the first night out drinking with no smokes was a disaster. Having even just a single friend near me with a cigarette made it pretty much impossible. I ended up bumming them off her all night, so then I went and got some of the nicotine gum. It helped me stop being a hardcore smoker and it is helping me kick this “social” smoking habit too. I just hope one day I can manage having alcohol in my blood without also needing some kind of nicotine (I didn’t start drinking until after I had started smoking, so I’ve always had the two combined!) 8 years ago

lorinlishok here we go

the carton of cigarettes i’ve had in my closet for the past 8 months has just yielded its last cancer stick. no more smoking while i drink. this is gonna suck. 8 years ago

SweetieGI asked for a zima, not emphysema.

I decided since it has been a month since I have stopped, I am over it. It is not a daily struggle that faces me but more of a social one. This isn’t something that you can ever “cross off your list” but I do know that I can now say no without the least bit of hesitation, whether it be in a drunken stupor or a very stressed out day I can handle it without a cigarette. 8 years ago


8th week going on 9th.

Wow, I think I’m doing well. 8 years ago


ok…5 weeks…....yea!

No really, I’m doing good, but I can feel the damage done.

Why did start again? 8 years ago

SweetieGJust threw my emergency pack out!

I am not what you call an avid smoker, I am a social smoker. I will occasionally smoke during work (during extreme stress) but usually I allocate my smoking time to bars. I have been smoking like this for probably over four years. One of my best friends just got married this weekend. Her mother is dying of lung cancer and it breaks my heart to see her and her mother in so much pain. I am stopping as a result of her mother. I can only pray that she is not in much pain and that God watches over her and her family. I am done with smoking and I am happy about it. 8 years ago


I have not had a smoke in 3 weeks. It’s hurting in some aspects, but my cardio is back up. 8 years ago


Ok, I only have one once a week and I keep up to that, but sometimes I slip and have more.

I need to stop.

I must stop. 8 years ago

Rob McDougallUntitled

I started smoking socially about 2-3 years ago. At one point it got to be so I was smoking at home too – but I quickly realised that was pointless.

Still, I smoked when I was at the pub – very easy to have a coupla drinks and want a smoke.

Then university, started smoking Joints lots – in the last few weeks I’ve noticed I’m not really enjoying it anymore – and then finally had a paranoia attack at a party.

Had one 2 nights ago, to see if I would enjoy it. It was my last one. Went to the pub today with my girlfriend and her best friend and didn’t smoke!

Hopefully when I return to uni for the last 6 week term I shall not start up again…

Wish me luck! :) 8 years ago

dragonfly is somewhere dreamingwow

i don’t even smoke socially. it is completed and i feel so good about it.

the foul fiend of addiction has left no traces in its departure.

yay! i am free!
~image taken from here ~ 8 years ago

dragonfly is somewhere dreamingdoes everyone realize

i am officially smoke free in my own company? i admit if i am in someone’s house who smokes i do sometimes ask for one since i am basically smoking if they are smoking. but even that has stopped for the most part. now i need to find out how my partner is doing on this…. 8 years ago


I have no pack! Yesterday=the last. 8 years ago

dragonfly is somewhere dreamingnot sure where to put this

but i found a picture of sara that i thought everyone would be interested in seeing… i gather she has plans to succeed in all she does from the gist of this picture… 9 years ago

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