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bigmindbigheart 3 years ago

joie de vivreNow that I'm back

I am feeling completely overwhelmed with all that I need to do. And the pilgrimage made me realize how much time I waste.

So: Get organized. I won’t start this today, as I am still mega-jet lagged. But soon. Soon. Soon. 5 days ago

joie de vivre 5 days ago

alex_kapin 2 weeks ago

yogagal1Monday night organizing: A girl gotta go what I gotta do to feel better and in control!

10pm – ? : car cleaned, clothes put away, bathroom, fridge, room and paper 2 weeks ago

LaterGater 3 weeks ago

LONDON KING 1 month ago

SpeshLTonyKitchen Pantry

Thanks to Kristi, it is all categorized and easy to find grouped items now. 1 month ago

SonyTask 5 - Catch up on Paper Work

I have two critical paperwork I need to catch up on:
  1. Get all the paperwork sorted out for the new buy-to-let property I purchased recently. I have got someone else doing the ground level work for me. But I still need to go through the paperwork myself and ensure everything is OK.
  2. I have some pending insurance claims that I need to make and get it all sorted. 1 month ago

jweber12 1 month ago

SetonaHill 1 month ago

holmesgirl75 1 month ago

SonyTask 4 - Organise my Bank Statements

I have already completed this last week, but did not log it on 43T.

Usually I drop my bank statements into a drawer. So all I had to do was move them into my bank statements folder – easy peasy! 2 months ago

Tia Edwards 2 months ago


I’ve tried doing this before several times – buying planners, making lists, setting goals… But if there’s one thing that experience has taught me, it’s that I can’t do things if my motivation isn’t there. If I know said goal isn’t specific and not even what I want to do, I won’t be doing it.

That’s why, this time, I’ll be doing some real mental processing before I set any goals. Everything I do has to be of some value for me, or it won’t happen. I can’t just list 1,000 items on a to-do list when I care about none. I guess that’s my first step towards getting organized – finding out what I actually want to organize. :) I can only hope it’ll work this time… 2 months ago

Narin312 2 months ago

smartenupman 2 months ago

yogagal1Setting a timer and getting my room in shape ...

15 mins ..! 2 months ago

TrilliumAnneThing 35 out of 100 things challenge (on a Snow Day)

Today is another Snow Day! During Xmas vacation I started the 100 things challenge and I’ve only gotten to thing 35. I’d like to work on getting better organized today, so I don’t waste my entire day. I have to look around and find some more things to get rid of. What do I want to part with? Are there any book that I don’t want anymore? Can I go through my taxes? I just need to go room by room and get rid of clutter. Bob has been bringing in some little odds and ends recently to make this house his own too. So I want to balance out our stuff by getting rid of some of the little junk that doesn’t really mean anything to me. Does it count if I just put it away rather than throw it away? Or do I have to donate or throw it into the garbage? Would it count if I stored it in the basement? Technically, I’m still keeping it…so I think I can’t count it as part of the 100 things, because it isn’t gone. I think if I take it to school I will count it, because it is out of the house – as long as it doesn’t come back. 2 months ago

Pamelot 2 months ago

J B 2 months ago

SonyTask 3 - Ready to Cook

Task 3 is to:
  1. Arrange my cooking utensils
  2. Clean my stove and put on aluminium foil
  3. Arrange my most-used spices in an easy to access place 2 months ago

SonyTask 2 - Update

Look at it looking all empty after I put in only what I need or is edible. Guess I can go on “liquid” diet tonight! ;-) 2 months ago

SonyTask 2 - Done

I purged my fridge… and you won’t believe the amount of stuff I had hoarded in there. 2 months ago

SonyTask 2 - Purge the Fridge

I am really late in setting the mission for this week. But this week’s mission is to purge the fridge (and freezer). 2 months ago

Anna Ruth 2 months ago

SonyTask 1 - Done!

And one trash bag is ready…

I decided to change this task slightly so I could get two trash bag worth of stuff to throw away. Bag #2 on its way!2 months ago

jen000085 2 months ago

SonyTask 1 - Trash it!

The challenge for week commencing 20th Jan is to fill TWO black bin bags with “Trash”.

Trash is anything that… :
  1. is broken
  2. is torn
  3. is too worn to be of use (to me or anyone)
  4. I don’t like
  5. I have duplicates of
  6. I don’t use

Items 1-3 goes into my Black Bin and 4-6 to my Donation/Re-sell Box3 months ago

SonyWhat? Why? How? When?

What does this goal mean to me?

This is a good one where I can hold all my pedantic organisation obsessions! :)

Why do I want to be Organised?

To feel good about myself.
To feel good about my environment.
To make it easier for others to be with/around me (sometimes not!)

How do I go about this?

I will set myself weekly challenges/tasks/missions and then post updates.

When will I check this off?

After I have completed 50 tasks… (or may be 100… well… or may be I will keep this around for a loooong time…) 3 months ago

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