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Brush my teeth & wash my face every night

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I’m really bad at this. I get so tired and lazy in at night that every night I’m like…it doesn’t matter if I just skip tonight. Well it’s become a bad habit. 3 years ago


Cindy_ZhuDont give up

If I watch TV or read books after dinner, I usually fall asleep quickly and nerver wake up until next morning. So I have to brush my teeth and wash my face immediatly after taking the dinner. I hope I can insist on doing this everyday´╝ü 4 years ago

harmonypeaceloveI feel dumb but...

This is such a simple, basic part of personal hygiene… why can’t I just do it regularly?? I brush my teeth at least once per day, & on days that I work, I do it twice a day…. It’s when I don’t work, it doesn’t get done. Face washing, on days that I work, it’s done at least once… If I have a shower on a day I’m off work, it also gets done then. But not regularly, twice a day, when I get up & before bed. 4 years ago


Why is it the simple stuff I can’t seem to do with any consistency?

And I’m supposed to be a mommy and teach my daughter how to keep a regimine? Good god… please, why can’t I remember to go to bed after first taking care of these basics? 4 years ago


doing good 5 years ago


Such an easy activity to do, why do I avoid it??
The goal is to do this for the next 29 days ( ‘cause I’ve already done it tonight!) 6 years ago


im ashamed:-( 6 years ago

amlygim very lazy :(

i have this goal like forever, i begin and then i become lazy. almost always when i have makeup with mascara i wash my face but others days when i dont have it or i feel sleepy i dont do it. i have to do it even if i havent makeup on. my face break out too easily. the thing with my teeth is the same, if i eat something sweet or smelly its probably that i wash them but if not i dont do it. i have luck to not have in the past years cavities. i go to the dentist every 6 months so in that part i take care. i only need to made the habit and acomplish the other goal to withen them. 6 years ago

jenabearTwo nights in a row!

I’m terrible about doing these things before bed…my face stopped breaking out when I turned 20 so I got lazy. I really need to address my teeth on a more regular basis because I have weak enamel…We’ll see how many nights in a row I can do… 6 years ago

batteriesnotincludedOH MY GOD

My skin got amazingly clear! 7 years ago


Doing good with this one! 7 years ago


I did it tonight! 7 years ago


i had a similar goal to this and completed it 7 years ago


I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now. And yay! my face looks great and i feel much cleaner. 8 years ago


Its just a matter of getting in the habet. 8 years ago


its alot easier to do it all in one go…. So say your having a shower right you put the face wash on and brush your teeth while it cleans your face then you put your whole face under the water and WHAM your done…...so then you go to bed with both a clean face and clean teeth. 8 years ago

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