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DayDreamer37 10 months ago

ladyleatherneck12: The ex that won't quit.

Everyone has one. They think you you as the one that got away, and you think of them as a fucking stalker. I have one, and until recently I had hoped in vain that I had seen the last of him. Once upon a time, we were unofficially engaged, dating for over a year, and living together for about 6 months… that is where we went wrong. My needs were not being met sexually, he was emotionally abusive, ignored me 99% of the time, and though he made more than me, he never helped out on the rent or any of the bills. Basically, I got over that whole love thing really quick when I realized that I was totally miserable and being taken advantage of. When I found out that he was cheating, that was the last fucking straw. I dropped his ass like a bad habit. For months he would text and call, even write letters to me that were very hot and cold (either he was sorry and he loved me, blah blah blah, or I was the worst thing that ever happened to him and a heartless bitch, blah blah). He is a manipulative peice of shit too, so every time it happened, I felt like the asshole. he used everything that I had confided in him during our relationship against me. Every fight we ever had, every secret I told, even the things from my childhood had come back to plague me through his words, and finally I had had enough. I cut him off completely, got his number blocked, re-reouted all of his mail, without opening it, to his mother’s house in New Jersey, changed my email and facebook, the full 9yards…. He shows up at my door (I lived 10 hours away from where he was staying, and he doesn’t have a car). SCARY. I slammed the door on his face. For a while it seemed like he got the picture, but unfortunately it didn’t last long. Today, I found some rather nasty comments on my blog (that I started after I dumped him and set to private, so I don’t really know how he found it… scary) and he even emailed my new boyfriend a bunch of threatening shit and pure lies (saying that I was cheating on him with him, yeah the fuck right!), and I don’t even know how hw knows who my boyfriend is, let alone how he got his email. I am worried that his stupid bullshit is going to cause problems in my new relationship, which is an awful thought because i have never been this happy or this much in love with anyone before. I am definately considering trying to get a restraining order. I am so tired of this drama! I have no idea what he hopes to gain by any of this, but I swear to God, if he comes to my house again, I am going to shoot him for being on my property. Man, FUCK THE EX THAT WON’T QUIT! 2 years ago

ladyleatherneck11. self righteous vegetarians

Dear self righteous vegetarians,

NO ONE CARES.  You are not going to convert me by telling me that my steak is bad for me and will make me sick.  I look at you and see your yellowing skin, frail body, and straw-like hair, it it simply reinforces my desire to eat a steak, and that I am healthier than you for doing so.  Just because someone eats meat doesn't mean that they are going to get fat, be unhealthy, or get some horrible dibilitating disease and die.  There is meat outside of fast food.  Half of what you eat has some form of animal biproduct in it (any vitamins, flour, or anything with blue or red food coloring is chock full of delicious animal doom).  You are not better than me because you eat vegetables.  I do too, I just don't OD on them.  I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carotts.  So please, for the sake of the sanity of normal people everywhere, shut the hell up.

~Cina 2 years ago

kittykatdream 2 years ago

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