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mollysusieI've slipped a bit

...on this goal with the onset of warm weather and wanting new clothes. And a new bathroom decor. And new other stuff.

But I recognized the problem, caught it, and am now on a spending fast. No more credit card purchases this cycle, until May 15th. (Vet appts exempt…I have a sick kitty.) 8 years ago

mollysusieGoing, going...

$50 on two new knitting books. I have an entire library of knitting books, and I’m not even that good of a knitter-er. It’s the pictures that draw me in… Why do I do this??? 8 years ago


Wow. I just totally gouged my savings account to pay off this month’s credit card. Not feeling too good right now, particularly since my car is ever so slowly but steadily falling the f*ck apart.

As soon as all this bridesmaid brouhaha is over, I’m going to get my savings account back up. Thank the good god above that Sept will be a three paycheck month! 8 years ago

mollysusieIs it a waste?

...to spend $180 on a day of bodily pampering to be pretty for my bridemaid’s duties? This does not include hair expenses, which will probably be about this much since I need to have my color redone.

At first I thought so, I mean $180! That’s a lot of Target. But I’ve never had a pedicure. I’ve never had a massage. To be completely honest, I haven’t spent much money (or time) on my appearance for awhile now. Maybe this would be money well spent! Or maybe I’m just rationalizing… 8 years ago

mollysusieKeeping an eye on the prize

I returned a dress for about $140 last night, but then spent that much through home fragrances, a nice fall sweater, and dinner. I wanted to come out ahead, although I guess it says something that I didn’t come out behind.

Maybe it would help if I kept a list of things I really wanted:
1) Shoes for friend’s wedding
2) Some serious “foundation undergarments”
3) Riding boots
4) FMB’s—black and brown (mine have the old, chunky heels)
5) A new car! Sadie Blue isn’t going to last much longer, and I’m not putting any more money towards keeping her running! I need 4-wheel drive! 8 years ago

mollysusie...I've pissed it away so fast

Y’all, I spend a lot of money. A. Lot. Way more than I make. I do not know this works out each month, but it does. I guess it’s just the way the bills fall. I have no idea.

And it’s not like I have all these great things to show for it. I have nothing. Where does the money go? I have no idea! A lot to food and drink I’m sure.

But I’m also one of those people who can’t walk into the super store (Target, I love you!) without walking out at least $100 in the hole. Go in for deoderant, come out with new pillows. Need toothpaste, how about a yoga outfit to match? Tampons, well…we won’t even go into the mindless spending invloved there.

So that’s my goal, being mindful of what I buy and, in doing so, spending less. I’m hitting the good Kroger’s tonight. I will not walk out with a new food processor. 8 years ago

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