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reconnect with my mom

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i’ve had a rocky relationship with my mom since i was in 6th grade. now in 11th it’s been sort of improving but i’d like to forget whats happened and try and fix everything. but sometimes i still just can’t stand her. i know that she means well, but she doesn’t have to make everything seem so bad. 7 years ago

PlasticTartGirlHow to forgive

I have been holding on to some bitter feeling towords my mom since I was 16.. I am 22 now. My mom was never there for me when I was in highschool, she was off doing drugs and being with her boyfriend/s. I would go to bed in an empty house, and would wake up the next morning in an empty house. I needed a mom. So whe I was 16 I moved back to my dads house, where it was Stable. There was always someone there rather it was my Dad and my other mom, or my brother or one of my 3 sisters…. I craved family. I dont know if my mom really realizes how she was, but from what I have heard from my grandmother she has cleaned up and is seeing someone steadly now… I am honestly happy for her. I am at the point to where I can just let our relationship go for good…. OR I can take the next step in forgiving and becomming reaquanted with her. It hurts to think That this is the same mom who I thought was the greatest person in the world when I was a little girl…and it hurt to see the person that she became or maybe she was always that person and I saw her though childhood nievity. I am still working on this goal. One day I hope I can forgive and try to forget. 8 years ago

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