Build a memorial rock garden

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molllyjonesYear Two

This is spring #3 for my Josh garden and it is lovely. Last year I planted annuals for color and perennials for posterity. What a joy the garden has been this spring——a demonstration of faith, hope and a future.

I spent last summer, as I will this, watering, wedding, planting. Late in the afternoons I go down to the back yard and sit in the garen in my old adirondack chair. It is peaceful and quiet and I just love it. It is, indeed, a labor of love.

The photo is from this spring. My hostas hadn’t really come in yet and I’ve not mulched but you can see that it will be beautiful. I plan to tend it and love it for as long as we own this place and as long as I am able.

In loving memory—
JPL June 3, 1983 – July 9, 2008
What a wonderful dash!
God bless and keep him til we get there.

Love life? Talk about it!
Advocate for mental health and work to prevent suicide. 3 years ago

molllyjonesA plan . . .

I’ve got a plan and tomorrow, I’m headed to Home Depot to buy hostas—-step one for my shade-tree memorial garden project. 4 years ago

molllyjonesA look-see

Walked to the tree far down in the backyard yesterday afternoon . . . the tree that shades the place where my rock garden will be. Last fall, after my nephew died, I started to work (piecemeal) on the memorial. Presently it is little more than a few rocks at the base of a hickory tree . . . a few stones, a wrought iron glider, a little table and a plant stand.

Soon, that will change. This year, now that the grief has morphed, maybe I’ll be able to do a better job (morphed, not dissipated, not gone, not better . . . just different).

This w/end, after our town Easter parade and hunt, my little one and I are going to work in the yards. The fireants have moved in so we’ll start with that . . . that and the raking and clearing.

Tomorrow, I’ll send out another email, asking my rock dealer (haaaaaaaaaaa) for more stones for the garden. And tomorrow night, I’ll do more online research and try to decide the direction we’ll be going.

Spring has sprung and the planting is nigh . . . let the healing begin (maybe, finally, perhaps, we’ll see). 5 years ago

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