Ask people to join Sugar and I in another Erte avatar week....starting now! (3/21)


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Bedhead2Erte to pin-ups...

That was fun. Now, I’m saying goodbye to Erte and hello to pin-ups, please join me!:)
The goal is here

5 years ago

flutter is full of wonderalright... I got it now

this is my favorite
it feel so open and full of possibilities
darkness, yet full of hope 5 years ago

flutter is full of wonderin keeping with my butterfly theme

here is my entry
I love the way the light shines through 5 years ago

leahysbThe man....

I couldn’t pick one image from all the dazzling here is the man himself! 5 years ago

wrenThanks for the invitation, Bee!

Now that I have decent internet access again, I can finally join in! 5 years ago

~ Julie ~The Kiss of Fire

is another great one!! 5 years ago

~ Julie ~LoVe the Dancer

She is just beautiful!! 5 years ago

ElleLyzetteErte Avatar

This piece by Erte is called “The Slave”.

Elle 5 years ago

SequanaLady Alphabet

and my letter Z 5 years ago

ReganThe Letter R

As my name begins with R, I think my choice is fitting. 5 years ago


This one lifts my spirits 5 years ago

TartsyI'm game

In honor of my Pisces-ness I choose this one! 5 years ago

Rara ApisOh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ERTE paper dolls?????????????


(Anybody want to play?) 5 years ago

Rara ApisGorgeous.....

Another favorite, second only to “Byzantine”.

Glorious. I had an Erte calendar the year before last & I saved this picture from it. I think it was for the month of June. 5 years ago

Rara ApisSwooooooooonnn

The beauty of all this is about to make me pass out….....

The colors, the lines, the….the…..swoon…teeter…..THUD!! 5 years ago

Rara ApisAnother

I am currently glutting myself on Erte imagery…...

Another favorite. 5 years ago

Rara ApisOoooooooooooohhhhhhhhh

This thread is so full of pretty things and cool images… Erte….so many images to choose from…...

I like this one too…. 5 years ago

~ Julie ~Starstruck

Thanks for the envite!! This is the first time learning of Erte… which leaves me a bit starstruck ;) 5 years ago


I’ll do Erte this week, but can we have a ‘pin-up’ week next? 5 years ago

houseofleavesThanks for the invite, Bee.

Oh, this is fabulous fun.

Today my avatar is Earth’s Dream. 5 years ago

Rara ApisERTE

Last year we did an avatar week featuring the artist and designer ERTE. It was loads of fun and many here participated. Anybody else want to play along again?


The 2nd link provides the best gallery of images to choose from IMHO. 5 years ago

Rara ApisErte

Let’s get our Erte back on peeps! And celebrate the coming of spring in style! 5 years ago

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