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lob 10 months ago


43. Achieve “43 things” in 43 days (1 accomplishment per day). 8 months ago


Together with 3 of my sons
42. attend an organized breakdance battle 8 months ago

lob41. a new game to play

After my son learned this at the Viking village, he taught it to me at home.

41.learn to play nine men morris game 8 months ago

lob39 and 40

Two more accomplishments in 2 days, no matter how small.

39. On July 25th, wish JadedForever a beautiful, fabulous, fearless and totally not grumpy birthday!!
40. go to the national museum 8 months ago

lobmy new pink cast

When they took off the first cast today the dr suspected that I have a 2nd broken bone in my hand. Until the next xray, I have a new pink cast on my arm. They will xray it in about a week with the cast on and only remove the cast if it isnt broken. I feel so much better with this new cast!
38. get a pink cast on my arm 8 months ago

lobnext day-accomplishment

I ordered them from vegan chic, and they arrived today. They look like normal running shoes. I wouldnt be able to tell they are vegan by looking at them.

37. buy vegan shoes 9 months ago

lobanother day

36. shower successfully with a cast on! 9 months ago

lob3 days of recovery

hard to find accomplishments when I am in pain and recovering, but the past 3 days I have checked as done:

35. use arnica ointment
34. wear an arm cast
33.go to the emergency room 9 months ago

lobday 32

It wasnt planned, but I found this bike kitchen as I was waiting for my sons to go to the open casting for extras.

32. visit a bike kitchen 9 months ago

lobday 31

We do this alot, especially when we have our summer train cards. Today we rode the train to Malmo, did glassfusing in the park, walked a 6 km path to health and ended outing with vegan pizza.

31. Have a family outing 9 months ago

lobday 30

I was very pleased to get this done today.
30. make copies of my completed zine 9 months ago

lobday 29

not much of an accomplishment but
29.Do nothing for a day and not feel guilty 9 months ago

lobday 28

Obviously, not the first time that I have done this, but I did this yesterday.

28. take my children to an amusement park

My oldest son and youngest son enjoyed the rides, while my 2nd son was hanging out with his friends. 9 months ago

lobday 27

27. find a blue vintage hat
I bought it at the second hand store and wore it to the park today. 9 months ago

lobday 26

eat in a vegan cafe
meet real gypsies 9 months ago

lobday 25

I have been looking this up but cant find the word for it in English. My son calls it an antique vanity mirror. Anyway, I bought one for myself today as a reward for all the clutter I have gotten rid of in the last 2 days.

25. buy a pigtittare 9 months ago

lobday 24

I had swaps to finish and get sent:
24. Make more Zines 9 months ago

lobday 23

I was just so worn out that I had to

23.Go to bed early and wake up early 9 months ago

lobday 22

I drew a cat using Sharpies and made my own postcard to send for a swap.
22. make my own postcard 9 months ago

lobday 21

21. celebrate vegan pizza day 2013 9 months ago

lobday 20

at the gym on the treadmill, and not very fast. But I was so happy that I didn’t have an asthma attack while doing this.

20.Just run 5 Km 9 months ago

lobday 19

pretty simple and enjoyable

19. attend a toastmaster’s meeting 9 months ago

lobday 18

Another rainy day, which was perfet to:
18. finish my embroidery projects 9 months ago

lobday 17

This was quite fun!
17. how to make jewelry with resin 9 months ago

lobday 16

16.attend a European soccer match…
Sweden is in Europe, and MFF is an excellent team. 9 months ago

lobday 15

Not the first time that I have done this, but it was quite enjoyable today to

15.walk 10 km 9 months ago

lobday 14

I sent a PM and added my contact info:

14. 43T emergency contact sheet – just in case the sky does fall… 10 months ago

lobday 13

It felt good to
13. sort books
and make a stack of ones to get rid of. 10 months ago

lobday 12

12. use the public library more often

I used the scanner at the public library today. It was rather quick and easy. I can definitely imagine doing that again. 10 months ago

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