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Eliminate the stuff from my life that doesn't fulfill me spiritually, emotionally or creatively

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dhaea 11 months ago


Pancemaster 22 months ago

PancemasterOld Dance Dresses

I have a few dresses from high school that I’m ready to rid myself of. One, they don’t fit anymore. Two, they just hold too many memories that I want to put in the past already. Three, they’re taking up closet space. Having them isn’t fulfilling anything for me. They’re probably hindering me emotionally. Every time I see them I think about the past, and I’m trying to live in the present. 20 months ago

PancemasterOnline Things

That aren’t improving my life.
I’ll be eliminating this before the next bill is due. 20 months ago


Sewing Machine- fulfilling (creatively and emotionally oddly enough)
Bulletin board- fulfilling (creatively and spiritually- I put quotes on it)
Broken headboard- Not fulfilling.
Loud desk- Not fulfilling me creatively at all. Not big enough!
Taping my work to the walls with masking tape- Not fulfilling!
Extra floorspace in my bedroom- fulfilling (emotionally)

My room is sort of my sanctuary. It fulflls me only to certan extent. It recharges my batteries. I can’t tolerate having a TV in my room anymore because it’s just too distracting. I rarely watch movies in my room.

Taking walks- fulfilling (emotionally- clears my mind)

Hmm… gotta think more about what fulfills me and what in my life just isn’t helping me. Physical possessions as well as people and actions I take. 21 months ago

PancemasterUnfulfilling Items

The past couple of months I’ve been packing and organizng things in my room- and my life- to simplify things. 21 months ago

MagicalThinking 2 years ago

nizzynizz 2 years ago

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