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Drink less coffee...more water

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There are so many different things with
coffee. It’s like me and coffee…some days
less, other days loads, and other days still
holy cow on the coffee heh. Recently, it’s been
a holy cow on the coffee.

This cow defintely had a HOLY COW day lol


Funny Faces3 years ago


Well, with the heat today, I forgot
to drink my coffee and now am fighting
off a migraine. I’m hoping I can keep
it at bay. Even though my head hurts,
it’s kind of a good thing having the heat
and all because now I’m drinking more
water and such instead of coffee…at least
for today.

3 years ago


Well, today made me afraid to drink coffee now.
I took a swig of my coffee not realizing an extra
element added itself…nothing like taking a
mouthful of spider that you can’t identify…I didn’t
feel any bites so I think I’ safe there…scared the
shit out of me though. I already can’t eat those
cheddar cheese goldfish crackers due to chewing up a
bunch of ants…shudders I am able to finally look
at a box of those crackers now without wanting to hurl,
but I still won’t touch them.

What’s interesting is that the spider was still alive
when I spit him out on the ground. He was looking
around like, ”...ok what just happened to me…” I
kinda felt a slight crunch which was uber gross…I’m
hoping that if it tried to bite me it only got teeth… 3 years ago


I was doing well on this until I got
that nightmare of a job…I will bring
myself up to speed again. 4 years ago

LandseerImprovements all around

I am doing so well with this goal :D
The improvements I’m noticing just
prove it and keep me motivated to
keep on going!

I do miss drinking so much coffee
though…oh well, I’ll get over it lol. 4 years ago

LandseerSo far so good

So far, I’ve gone 4 days on a lower amount of coffee.
I did mess up on Saturday and saw the results.
I’m still trying to find the right formula to
ward off the coffee migraines. I didn’t realize
just how much coffee I was consuming. At this
point, I can handle no less than 4 cups per day.

Once my body adjusts to the new levels, I’ll move it
down further. It’s strange not having my coffee as
much as I’m used to, but I’ll be healthier in the end. 4 years ago

LandseerToday I did excellent!

I had 2 cups of coffee and water the
rest of the day. I would have gone longer
if it wasn’t for those headaches…I think
that once I get used to the lower amounts
of coffee each day, then maybe I’ll be
able to do less coffee drinking. 4 years ago

LandseerDr says I drink too much coffee

I don’t know why I drink so much coffee,
but hey, we all have our little devices.

I do try to drink less, when I think about
it. We’ll see where this all leads up. 4 years ago

LandseerNada nada nada

Too much coffee again…’nuf sed 4 years ago

LandseerDid better on this today

I had 3 cups of coffee instead of
my usual 20 + cups. I had more water
today. 4 years ago


I’m holding pretty steady with adding more water and less coffee 4 years ago

LandseerHappy or something

I’ve actually been doing pretty well with drinking
more water and less coffee. I still drink a lot of
coffee, but I now drink a lot more water than I did. 5 years ago

LandseerErr...back to the myth of water...

I messed up yesterday and today with the coffee.
Easter day I did awesome. I’ll get it down I tell ya.
I’m gonna do everything I can to make me healthier.
Coffee is excellent, but only in moderation. I am not a
moderate coffee drinker.
5 years ago

LandseerLess Caffeine makes for a strange day...

Yes, it’s been strange, but I have had way less coffee
at least for today. It’s good though…strange but good. 5 years ago

LandseerGlug glug glug

Well now my body is lost…lol. I managed to
have 2 glasses of water yesterday. My body is
confused as heck. 5 years ago

LandseerBody shock

hehe…I had a glass of water with dinner last night…
My body said, “Wait a tic…I know what this is…the
myth know as…WATER…Holy Hannah! It really does exist!”

I small step for me. 5 years ago


Ok, I’ll admit it…I’m a coffee-holic. I drink way too much coffee and not nearly enough of anything else. I got into this habit while constantly going back and forth from hospitals and ER’s while care-taking for patients. Let me tell ya…It took me almost 3 weeks just to get back to my normal strength coffee. That hospital coffee was like coffee syrup and a drop of water. I now got myself down to 2 scoops of grounds in a 12 cup pot…I usually make about 5 pots a day or more…of course I’m not the only one who drinks it, but I do drink most of it. Now I need to cut way back and start getting water and juice into the mix.

I drink my coffee straight only.

Once in a while I might try a fancy style coffee, but I love my regular coffee.

Coffee has the opposite effect on me than normal people.

Coffee is supposed to be a diuretic, but it tends to bloat
me out. Coffee has both up sides and down sides. I could go
into it all, but I don’t want to put people to sleep…well,
maybe the ones who are trying to sleep lol…My goal here is
to try to get down to 4 cups per day, then down to 2 cups
per day. We’ll see how it goes.

(I have no idea why this post keeps shooting out of wack here…) 5 years ago

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