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drink less starbucks

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calypsaticI consider this done!

Now that I’m finished with school, I won’t be passing Starbucks every morning. In order for me to get a Starbucks coffee now, I’d have to drive there… and I’m not willing to do that very often. =)

Unfortunately, Diet Dr. Pepper has replaced the coffee addiction for the time being, lol. At least it’s a lot cheaper of an addiction to maintain… 4 years ago


I haven’t had starbucks in over 2 weeks—- woo hoo! I don’t want to take this off my list because the second I take it off, I’ll probably start drinking tons more SB coffee haha.

It feels good knowing that I’ve saved a quite a bit of money by drinking less SB. If I can continue and drink less starbucks for 2 more months, I’ll consider the goal complete! =) 5 years ago


I didn’t realize just how much money I spent on Starbucks until I looked over a series of previous monthly statements. $4 a day+5 days a week is just ridiculous! That’s… $80 a month I could spend on something else! I know that I won’t be able to cut out starbucks completely, but I want to bring this down to about $20-25 a month.

To do this: I will set aside $25 at the beginning of the month in cash that I can spend on starbucks and coffee/energy drinks. Once this money runs out, then no more for the month! 5 years ago

upsanddownsI NEED to do this!

I’ve basically been a starbucks addict since I was 14 and its really pathetic. I frequently spend $5 a day just on coffee! I don’t have a job right now, so this is a huge drain on my funds. 5 years ago


I can’t do it! When I’m on the CORE Weight Watchers program, I can have a Soy Caramel Macchiato for no points. Its just too good.

:) Oh, well! 6 years ago


So, I’ve gone from drinking a grande to a tall every day for/with breakfast, next step for me is to only go to starbucks M/W/F.

Wish me luck! 6 years ago


I’ve cheated at this already. I asked for a grande sugar free ginger bread latte w/ skim milk (only a 110 calories) but they were out of the sugar-free syrup…but I got it anyway. 6 years ago

smith2pmJust the Frou Frou Drinks

I just wanna give up the mochas, frappuccinos, flavored lattes, etc…I’m hopong this will help me lose weight.

I literally work within walking distance of four (maybe more) Starbucks, and there is a Starbucks in the Grocery Store and Target by my apartment. 6 years ago

miserychastainbustin' up a starbucks...

so, i’m thinking that if i drink less starbucks, it will help me save money, which is another goal. i’m starting slow, though, because..well….lets face it. i’m addicted. :) so i’m going from a grande to a tall.

baby steps, right? 6 years ago


It is proving to be almost as difficult as quitting smoking…. damn their coffee and all it’s sugary sweetness…. 7 years ago


drinking less starbucks is def. hard but its worth doing.. and i saved money 7 years ago

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