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Smartest snailholy running...

I can now run 12 minutes. I know its been awhile, I am still alive, and I am still working on running. We bought a treadmill and I am on it several times a week. And to show for all of my hard work, I can now run 12 WHOLE minutes. :) 4 years ago

Melissaon the calendar

currently I am exercising twice a week in the pool:

  • Tuesdays, Ai Chi at 2:00 and Aqua Yoga at 3:00
  • Thursdays, Aqua Yoga at 3:00
The following Hatha Yoga classes are scheduled, and I will attend several to see how they are:
  • M W F 9:00 am
  • T Th 6 pm
  • Sat 9:15 4 years ago

TriniprincessI'm beat!

I ran today….well ran and walked…kept using traffic lights as my marker to push for. Then I went to play football with the guys. My goodness…the football more than anything else killed me. I’m in so much pain…more from injury than actually the ‘pain is gain’ concept! However, I think this very much counts as exercise. 5 years ago

TriniprincessSteady does it...

so I’ve just been throwing in exercising when I can in my daily routine and it’s been working good. However, the more I exercise, the more I want to and my schedule doesn’t allow for it. But my distance is picking up and it’s taking longer for me to be out of breath so this is good. Today I’m going riding…change in routine. 5 years ago

Smartest snailback to one

So, its been weeks. Like 2 or 3 weeks since I have exercised. First it was because my shoes were so horrific I hurt to wear them. I finally get to the store to get a new pair of running shoes and it has rained everyday since. Not sprinkle rain, like, its rained for 40 days and 40 nights, rained. Like send the dove out to see if there is any land left, rained. I have been following plan though and am down 2 1/2 lbs so it hasnt been so bad. Im hoping to get some time at the park in tomorrow. I have to run home, gather the stuff and head to a friends house for dinner. She returned home from Spain and we are going to her home to cook for her and hear all about it.
So, buckle down, or get an umbrella I can run with.

Thats not my pic, but, thats about right. Things flying around everywhere. 5 years ago


So I’ve decided to take part in a marathon in November (thanks to Todd). I think it’s a 5k…so I NEED to start back exercising and get into training mode for this. Going to push myself and hopefully I’ll be able to continue in rigid exercising thereafter and make a part of my weekly routine. My running shoes and I are about to be best friends. Here goes nothing…. 5 years ago

Smartest snailfat person run

yesterday was the first time I had run in a week. I have been walking (really fast walking), but decided if I wanted to keep up my pace, I better run. The wind was strong and it was hitting me head on so, needless to say, I did what I call the fat person run. Ran and told myself I could do it, I have been running between 3-5 minutes at a time, but, ran 1-2 minutes and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I think at some point though I thought I said it in my head, the words “are you KIDDING me” actually came out of my mouth. Good thing everyone now a days wears ipods. So I did it, but by the time P caught up with me I tried explaining that no matter how hard or often I try to breathe, Im not getting my breath, its going into my stomach, making me feel like Im going to throw up. (It was 1 flipping week)!! She told me to put my hands behind my head and lean back a bit. Sure enough, air started filling my lungs and I felt much better.
So, I have decided that no matter how good the words “Im going to take today off and run tomorrow” sound over the weekend, its just the devil talking. Put on the shoes and run. 5 years ago

TriniprincessAn hour...

of aqua aerobics! I think this is by far the most fun type of exercise for me. I love running but with my breathing problems I don’t reach as far as I’d like. I’m hoping I can do more aqua….we’ll see. 5 years ago

Smartest snailand I was running.....

Yesterday, I ran for 4 minutes straight. TWICE. Then 3 minutes and by the time I came back around the front of the park, the wind was hitting me in the face so I had to tuck my head a bit, but it still didnt stop me from having a hard time breathing. That last one was 2 and 1/2 minutes. I couldnt believe it. 4 minutes. Amazing for someone who started at 10 seconds. I listened to my music and tried not to think about much of anything. I find if I focus, I start doubting myself and it gets harder. I felt amazing, like I could do anything.
Im very happy with my Forrest Gump experience and plan on relishing in it all day. 5 years ago

Melissagetting ready to maybe sorta start thinking about couch to 5K

With a treadmill soon to be in residence, and weight loss surgery only a few weeks away, I’m beginning to entertain the idea that I might take on the Couch to 5K in 2 months or so.

I have never before thought of myself as a runner. Until 10 years ago I had ginormous breasts, and the idea seemed painful. Then, I was just too fat to think it interesting to jog. Now…. well, maybe. 5 years ago

Smartest snailmy own drum

I decided today before it got to be 90 degrees that I would run in the park. Instead of following the podcast, I thought it might be good to just listen to my mp3 player and run sporatically, keeping track of how long I can run. When I started, 7 months ago, it was 20 seconds. I stopped for a while because I was like “I so dont get this”, but about 1 month ago, the running bug bit me again. So, in 3 weeks, I have gone from 30 seconds to almost 2 minutes. I know it sounds funny (even to me) and menial, but, at least its mine. My brother text me today to see how it was going and I almost cried. We really didnt like each other growing up, but since he married and had kids, he has become quite a wonderful man. He told me he was proud of me. (He runs triathlons and wants to do the ironman). “we all started out at 30 seconds, dont let anyone kid you. Way to go!” It was right up there with him telling me that if his kids turned out to be 1/10th the person I had become, he would be proud and honored he had done something good in his life.
So, today I was proud I have danced to my own drum; with running and with my life.

these cards are absolutely adorable.
My favorite is the polka dots. 5 years ago

Smartest snailnew shoes

I went back to Fleet Feet yesterday (best store EVER by the way if you dont know what kind of shoes to get). They fit me after looking at my first pair of shoes. How the bottom of your shoes wear is how they tell what kind of shoe you need. I had the Brooks GT 8. They helped with support and overpronation. I got inserts for my feet because apparently I have Mortensen’s syndrome, which sadly has nothing to do with Viggo….sad day. So, now that I have the inserts, I dont need a special shoe, I can use a neutral shoe. How exciting! I wanted one that had some bright orange or green in it, but alas, I ended up with a turquoise. They feel great though and I cannot wait to try them out.
PS, the cool thing about Fleet Feet too is that you try the shoe on and they walk outside with you to run around the parking lot or you can hop on the treadmill. Im telling you, if you are in the market for sneakers and dont know where to begin, start at fleet feet. 5 years ago

Smartest snailsucking air

Saturday was day 2 of week 2. I had a harder time this time than the day in the rain. I think it was because it was so damn muggy. I listened to the techno so I could stay on focus. I needed to podcast to help me out. I knew it was going to be a long 6 intervals when on the first run I was already sucking bad air. Sure enough, 4th one I had to walk an extra minute and by the 6th, I was running thinking “dear god is it over, is it OVER”?! When I finished, I was sick to my stomach and couldnt breathe. How fun the whole experience was. At least I did it. Im supposed to run tonight but have 2 appointments that I need to keep, so I am working 10am-6pm tomorrow. I’ll do it in the am, shower and come to work. Gotta stay on plan.
I have to admit, I do look forward to it. It just sucks when you know 1 interval in that its going to be a tough run.
Hopefully, this one will be better. 5 years ago

Smartest snailintervals--week 2

I started week 2 of the couch to 5k podcase by Rob Ullrey. I was a little irriated with P so I ran in the rain which, was quite nice. I thought I had to run 90 seconds, walk 90 sec for 9 sets. I did 8 and walked an extra 90 seconds. It was hard. I didnt listen to the podcast because it was set to HORRIBLE techno and just listened to my mp3 player and timed myself. I get in the car and start thinking I did it wrong. I know I did it wrong. Sure enough, when I listen, I was supposed to run 90 sec, walk 2 minutes for 6 sets. So basically, I kicked butt. I was pretty proud I did it, in the rain no less.
Tonight is day 2 of week 2.

Im not sure, but I think this kid lapped me. 5 years ago


Should I even continue this goal? I’ve gotten no where with this. 5 years ago

Melissachanged this goal

changed to this goal ‘exercise at my own pace and level and cheer others on’ from ‘exercise regularly’ as it more closely reflects my attitude 5 years ago

Smartest snailDay 2

Today when I get home I am changing clothes, going to the park and doing the 2nd day of Couch to 5k on podcast. Im kind of excited. Nobody wakes up running a 5k. This is my start.
P said she would cook dinner tonight which is meatloaf, sweet potatoes and green beans along with pineapple and grapes. Im very nervous about it. She has never cooked it. “I’ll be fine, you go run”. I can do it when I get back….you have to run too. “No, no, its my rest day. I’ll be great. You take time for you. I can tackle a meatloaf”. Eek.
New experiences all around. 5 years ago

Smartest snailIm the anyway

I woke up, ate half a serving of shredded wheat and soy milk, dressed for the park and played with Tobey (our cat) while I waited for my food to digest a bit. I went to the park and did the first installment of the Couch to 5k on podcast by Rob Ulley. AND…I…DID…IT!! All of it. No stopping, no sucking horrible air (the middle and last installment put me in the middle of hills so it was kind of tough), no DEAR GOD HOW MUCH LONGER!. I did it. I almost cried after the last one. I did raise my hands like Rocky and said “I DID IT!!” 2 people clapped, the rest just stared. But who cares. Today, I am queen of my world. Master of the first installment of couch to 5k podcast kingdom. Today, after 4 months of feeling insecure and terrible since P had the affair, I got a good chunk of me and motivation back. I can do THIS. I dont need anyone else’s approval or cheering, I just need mine. Today, I feel like Olivia the Pig. We can do anything!
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to shower, clean my bedroom and sit on my throne known as the couch and watch a tivo’d episode of Lie to Me which is this kick ass show I discovered. 5 years ago

Smartest snailSubaru Chase

I signed up for the Subaru Chase a few months ago as a way for me and P to have some racing events in common. I walk them, she runs them. Tonight is the Chase. All day yesterday all I kept thinking was “I wonder if Stefany will be there”. Ugh. Not only do I hate her, I loathe thinking that. This is my race too…well, not so much a race, Im walking it. The head of the event said I can start a half hour early and stay on sidewalks until the racers come through, then, hop on the road at any time and finish with everyone. He also pointed out that I was the only person who ever asked if they could walk it. I told him that I must be the only person with enough courage to ask and drive to want to do it. I think I was convincing myself.
So anyway, 4 miles today. mp3 player is loaded and ready. Its pouring right now. I dont think I have it in me for the rain part if it keeps up. But, Ive surprised myself before. Next week is a 5k walk for Mental Health Awareness. That one Im doing alone. P said she wanted me to have my own walk/race for all my own and she would cheer me on at the finish line. I appreciate that.
Hopefully it will stop or slow in the rain department. The thunder is rolling in, but it has 10 hours to leave. 5 years ago

Smartest snail5K

Just downloaded week 1 and 2 of couch to 5k. Need to plan out 3 days a week to do this. It seems to take it slow enough to not get burned out or over do it so you dont feel like a failure.

I think I will start Friday for Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays.
The rest are wii and yoga days. Watch out me. 5 years ago

Smartest snailwii running

I have become a little addicted to the wii running. I ran yesterday and it opened up the long distance so I ran 2 short and 1 long distance, which, only works out to be about 10 of running. It was fun and had a great time. I did strength training, balance and yoga for a total of 40 minutes. I unlocked lunges and when I tried them was told by my “trainer” I REALLY need to work on those. Thanks.
Today, I would like to get a walk in at the park, but its date night. I love date night more than I love walking, so, we’ll see. 5 years ago

Smartest snailgot off the couch

did the workout that P put together for me (strength training) and went for walk around neighborhood. I’d say it was about 30 minutes. Could feel the muscles in my thighs, hips and bum stretch. I love that feeling.

Thats NOT me to clear up any misunderstanding. Well, maybe 10 years ago that was me. Hopefully a year and half from now it will be again. I know I lost 50 in 9 months, but this last 30 has more attached to it. Gonna take a little longer.
PS, if anyone has seen my motivation, can you please send it home? 5 years ago

Smartest snailgonna try

Im going for my obligatory women’s check up today…eek. It is a new doctor for me, Im embarrassed to say that I never found one here in NY when we moved back. To my defense though, women over 30 who have never had an abnormal pap can go every 2 years. So, I made an appointment where 2 of the other girls from work go. They love this practice. Today one of them says “they just take forever”. Now why didnt you tell me what before I made the appointment?!
I wanted to walk today. I guess I can walk in the rain if I have to. I really doesnt bother me. I just dont like spots on my glasses, its hard to see and keep up. I take them off, I cant see…
Worst case I do strength training on wii, but Im aiming for the walk around the park. Wish me luck.
Thats part of Delaware Park. 5 years ago

Smartest snailwii

I worked out on the wii today. 30 minutes of yoga and then some strength training and aerobic exercise. The running was fun. You run in place and a wii person is your guide. It was kind of cool. I ran the whole time, but your movements need to be big so the program can recognize it, so, a little awkward.
Did I ever tell you that my wii fit person is fat. I find that offensive. They weigh you and you have no say in it. You make what you look like and then, they make you fat. I HATE it. Every time I log on, there’s fat me in animation. Today, I was down weight wise AND BMI, but, wii me is still fat.
I told P that it was enough to make me not do it which actually, is why i dont really do it. I know I still have 30lbs to go, but I dont need a video game showing me fat when I log on. Here’s fat wii me.
Anyway, 40 minutes of exercise today. Go me go. 5 years ago

TriniprincessUpping the ante

So I’ve got a photo shoot in two weeks and another project that I’m working on at the end of August and then my birthday in September. So those things are going to be my motivation to really hit the ball out of the park with this because I start off pressing hard then I get caught up with something and leave it behind. I want to end the year in a different (and much better) place than I started and exercising is high on the list. Just need to implement it as much as possible to my daily routine…still working on that.

Btw: did a hike yesterday to a waterfall. Hike was terribly great! I laid in bed this morning watching the ceiling b/c I couldn’t move lol! But I made it and didn’t pass out most importantly. 5 years ago

Smartest snailDetermined Tortoise

Like Frank said, Im gonna do it my way. I saw this goal on someone elses list and loved it the second I saw it. I am tired of comparing myself to my marathon running girlfriend. When I go to the park I dont compare myself with anyone there. Why do i do it off the track? I have a screen name for a running site I am on called It helps map a walk or run for you by entering how far you want to go or you draw a square around where you want and it tells you how far it is. My name is DeterminedTortoise. Slow and steady wins my own personal race.
Im so glad I saw this one. Thanks tangerine_now. 5 years ago

LadySlipperWater Ballet

Swam 100 laps yesterday and practiced synchronized swimming for about an hour. It feels good to point my toe’s toward the sky once again. 5 years ago


I opted out of running around the park for finishing folding the laundry and…a game of football (soccer) in the house with my brother. We used the empty clothes baskets as the goal and proceeded to lock ourselves in our dad’s room and use it as a field. Oh yeah he quarreled a bit and threatened for us to pay money if we broke anything…but the best part of having a dad who is a footballer and was a referee is that he really doesn’t mind! lol.

So our game commenced and it was almost an entire hour of messing around but I was totally swamped and sweating when we were finished. It felt like a total workout…including the moments we’d do silly stuff and had to call time out b/c we were laughing too much. I heard laughing helps burn calories…if so…I think my quota of exercise for the week was used up tonight! 5 years ago

Geo58Sunday May 31, 2009...

Back to the nursing home. I arrived early morning and left when my sister arrived, shortly after lunch. 5 years ago

Geo58I worked out today,...

and included a mountain bike ride from my home to the Wingate Nursing Home by Mountain Bike to visit my dad and watch the red sox lose another game, which makes two today, to Toronto, which had a nine game losing streak before It won 2 games in a row off the Boston Red Sox by a score of 5-3… 5 years ago

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