Donate platelets again.

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failjolesfail 5 years ago

failjolesfail"Excellent yield"

They called me up last week…it’d been a month since my last donation…would I like to come back again?

They’re making it wicked easy – it’s a pleasant place to go, despite the security check, quiet on a Saturday, and they let me re-take the blood pressure test if necessary. Which it is has been. That’s another issue entirely.

Anyway, I’m on a new medication for nerve pain, but they said it was fine. And I asked about my bloodwork, had they seen everything was normal and fine – my white count had been a bit high – and they said yes, it all looked good, in fact…

My platelet count is exceptionally high…as they put it, “there was an excellent yield.” They leave me hooked up for an extra 10 minutes and end up with a “double.”

I guess that’s a good thing? It means I still never get to finish a movie in one sitting.

I’m going to try and go in there on a weekday so I can get a more permanent badge and can skip most of the security rig-a-ma-role…but that’s going to be tricky. Hrmmm.

Go one more time, and we’ll count this goal as done! 2 years ago

failjolesfailNo good deed…

So, while struggling with this carpal tunnel problem, I’ve been experimenting with new activities and hobbies that don’t involve repetitive motion, fine motor skills, hand and arm strength, or hands and arms at all.

Apheresis? Perfect!

The closest program is 20 min. (and a world) away at NIH. Made an appointment, got directions, left with plenty of time.

It’s been five years since I’ve visited NIH – and had forgotten about security. It’s easier to get on a plane than it is to get into NIH if you don’t work there.

Though, everyone was in good spirits. Got wanded for my splints, joked about the bench warrant for the guy with a similar vanity plate, and was a little relieved that the bomb sniffing dog was interested, but not too interested, in Java’s toys and blankie in the backseat.

And found the blood bank, got checked in, got everything taken care of and was just starting the movie when I realized my left arm (the return needle) was aching. And swollen. And starting to bruise.

So much for a good activity that wouldn’t exacerbate the problems with my hands and arms. That bruise is going to look awesome at PT on Monday. I’m doing a good job with the ice (and heat alternating now), but you know what they say about no good deed going unpunished…

Would it tempt fate if I said I never had a bad stick before? 2 years ago

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