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Sew Roman Shades for all the upstairs windows.

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failjolesfailCan't believe I didn't write this...

I did finish one! Last year, in the foyer – so you can leave the bathroom without everyone in the parking lot seeing you.

It came out beautiful. Damn near perfect. The valance is a little short, and it tips, but it’s close enough. The stripes are straight and even, the fit is really good – good enough to think I’m getting energy benefits. 3 years ago

failjolesfail1/2 done with first one!

Was at my parent’s house this weekend, taking care of mom. Couldn’t really leave her, so sewing seemed like a good project…set up the machine near her couch, laid out the fabric and pattern on the dining room table, and turned on the TiVo.

I’m pretty happy with where things are. The pattern was designed for a larger and longer window, so I had to size things a bit differently…and I’m a bit nervous still about where the pleats are going to fall…but I’m optimistic.

So, I cut the patterned fabric and the plain lining, sewed those, ironed, turned right side out, ironed again, laid out the dowel tubes, sewed those, and sewed at least one of the slat tubes. Which might end up being dowel tubes, if I can’t find slats the right size. The next several steps are things like making the valence and getting the hardware setup…things I need a bit of help from dad one (since he has 1×2s, or can make them, much neater than I can).

It was nice to actually get something done on the house, considering how things are going these days and that I’m spending so much time away from home. 4 years ago


I popped open the pattern last night. I’ve found that it’s good to read something like that many, MANY times before I even start to cut.

There’s some hardware and supplies that I don’t necessarily understand. Fabric, great. Tube tape, fine. I figured that out pretty easily. Dowels, slats…might have to break out the reciprocating saw.

The way these mount are with two nails hanging from some brackets. The pattern calls for “angle brackets,” but I’m 99% sure that the nails are not going to sit on what Home Depot defines as Angle Brackets. Now, I could screw the mounting board to the window with angle brackets and call it a day…but the picture is showing something different.

I’m not there yet. There’s a lot of sewing, ironing and doweling before I get there. So I can think about it.

But hopefully I will be there on one of these by the end of the weekend. Anyone have any advice?

Oh, and I have to beg/borrow/buy a real stapler. Maybe Dad left one here…I hope so… 4 years ago


Mom has helped me paint 2 of the 3 rooms in this plan. The blue in the foyer is gorgeous, but I’m still not so sure about the chartreuse bedroom. It looks great in daylight, but is a bit…neon…at night. Hoping that getting some broader spectrum bulbs and accent lights in there will help.

But, back to the shades.

When we painted the trim, we had to take the old curtains down. Most of my upstairs has absolutely no privacy now, and Dino can get all excited about every cat that passes through the alley…drives me nuts. So it’s time to get this done.

With the colors on the walls, I can now pick which pattern in each room’s windows. Blue foyer is probably going to have the striped pattern…it’s going to be a beast to get straight, so only doing one window is good. There are 2 greens in the bedroom…a lighter one and a darker accent wall…and the lighter one doesn’t match the fabric perfectly. So it looks like the floral pattern is a winner…no green in it. Leaves the gray lace pattern for the den, which is being painted gray…but a much lighter gray. I hope it works.

Time to break out the pattern? Yikes! 4 years ago


I bought awesome Amy Butler (http://www.amybutlerdesign.com) fabric in three matching patterns with colors I really like – pool, chartreuse, gray, ecru. These will be for privacy more than energy efficiency or darkness.

I went nuts and bought entire bolts. The goal is for each room to have a different pattern (living room/office, bedroom, foyer, kitchen) for the roman curtains. Then I’ll add decorate accents with the matching fabrics: seat cushion covers, bedskirt, lampshades, quilt. Eventually, I’ll buy heavier matching solid material to make blackout draperies. 5 years ago

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