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Stop attracting psychos

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Louise DanielleWhere the hell do they all come from? Seriously...

Toxic friends, abusive exes, you name it. I love getting rid of the f**kers, but what the hell goes through these peoples’ minds exactly?

“I’ve seen it done,” is something you say about pole vaulting when your pissed drunk, not something you say when you’ve seen someone tear someone else to pieces. Are they trying to outdo each other? Actually, make that WERE they. I’m loving not caring any more, it makes them feel like shit, which is what they deserve. 3 years ago


you what sucks about this? I was well on my way, I was going to take this off my list, but I cant. ::rolls eyes:: this girl I doesnt know is trying to spend the night with me. I just want to yell go sit the fuck down. goodness. 7 years ago

KarmabytzActually had to

get a restraining order for the most recent psycho. Never had to go that far before… crazy… will be interesting to see him in court next month. 8 years ago

KarmabytzA question

Maybe my sign says "Psychiatric help 5 cents" (like Lucy in the Peanuts.) How do I change it to "Stable and grounded people welcome???" 8 years ago


Good lord does this need any explanation??? Do I have a sign on my forehead that says, “hey..I love to be fucked with????” If so can someone please take it the hell off!!!! 8 years ago

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