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Fix My Teeth

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rockwilder 11 hours ago

springforward 11 months ago

user1393148623i've already crossed the rubicon ... so to speak

today is the last day that i’ll be 51 … and tomorrow is the first day i’ll be 53 … and last friday i made a commitment to getting some serious dental work done … it is going to be six months at the minimum … and more likely nine months and it’s at least $18K or more likely $20K worth of work … some of which I will get back from HCF and in my tax return … but it’s so scary i nearly fainted just imagining it last night … so i think i need to be seeing this as a goal … and making some serious resolutions if i’m going to be spending this much money on fixing what i should never have let fall apart in the first place

but it’s no good berating myself for my loss … i will admit my grief and responsibility … or make that irresponsibility … and then i will remind myself that i was born with teeth that were not made to last and it was always just a matter of time …

my goal is to smile and talk and breathe and chew on this day next year and feel that my mouth is working and feeling and smelling better than it was a year before … 1 month ago

user1393148623 1 month ago


Picking up the next set Thursday. I can’t tell a difference yet but Kev said he noticed they were slightly straighter since he’s know me so long. 2 months ago

danidewitt 2 months ago


I’ve got the official clear braces in. Wearing them religiously to get through the phases successfully. 3 months ago

bethcoutomy smile

i’ve always felt uncomfortably smiling around people because i have a chip in my front tooth. Id like to go to the dentist and fix it! I did book and appointment to get them filed but then the dentist lost a family member and cancelled and i haven’t book an appoinment since! I will soon and i am so excited ! 3 months ago

bethcouto 3 months ago

retrogown 4 months ago


I haven’t been wearing these darn clear corrects like I should be.

Need to buy portable toothbrush instead of my clunky one and just make it a normal routine at work to take them out to snack and eat lunch. 4 months ago

count jassula 14 months ago

AysiaMilan 4 months ago

akbaralis 4 months ago


If anyone out there is looking for an excellent dentist, then check out abbotsford dentist. They are a family friendly office and they are totally committed to seeing that you are comfortable and that your needs are met. Be sure to call or stop by today. 4 months ago

flafi 5 months ago


I really am desperate to get my teeth fixed. I am currently looking into getting dental implants in Montrose, CO. Has anyone had a bad experience with getting implants before? 5 months ago


If you live in Charlottesville VA and your looking for a trustworthy, good sedation dentist them be sure to check out sedation dentist charlottesville va. They offer a variety of services from crowns and bridges, dental implants and much much more! Be sure to call them with any questions you have. 5 months ago

schwarts12 5 months ago


I need my teeth fixed very badly. I am currently seeing two dentists in Brantford. I am hoping they suggest a good orthodontist for me to go to. 5 months ago

avibill 5 months ago

Jawjeener 6 months ago

xifeng12 October 2013

As promised, the update. I have gone from 4 rubber bands to 3, which is an improvement; the goal is to lower the amount to 2 and then to none at all, at which point I’ll be close to having my braces off. So that’s progress, I guess! (I have been RELIGIOUS about wearing the rubber bands, even though I hate them, because I do NOT want to do this again in another 20 years.) The good news is that we’re in the fine-tuning stage and over the halfway point. I can do anything if I know it’s just for another 6 months or so! 6 months ago

xifeng6 October 2013

Wow, the last time I wrote about this was a long time ago. Long story short, I did go have molds taken and went through with having the braces on. We’re over the halfway point (if all goes well, they should come off in May/June 2014). I have been wearing rubber bands for about 4 months. My orthodontist took a second Panorex in August, and it turns out that I don’t need anything repositioned, which is really good (at least my determination not to go through this again has been paying off). I go back on Tuesday, so probably more to report then. 6 months ago

sarahblack 7 years ago


They made an impression of my teeth! Now the wait… 2 weeks until I get a call. 6 months ago


Yay! Gonna do the first appointment of Clear Correct this October 1st and get started. Insurance is gonna cover half. 6 months ago

Melodon 7 months ago

Lionclaw 8 months ago

Joe BinghamUntitled

You’ll want to be careful. Dentists will usually unproffessionally grind your teeth, not just the tooth or teeth they’re supposed to be working on as well. It’s a illegal method of bringing customers back for work later on, is a mutual business for their colleagues and so on. They love to do it but though it is illegal it’s very difficult to prove. That’s why I only trust the Hamilton dentist. 10 months ago

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