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become self-sustainable on my homestead


Recent activity

NorthernSkyefarmaggedon 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeSo Bug and I

spent the day harvesting the garden. Dare was working on sanding some wood planks for another project. After he was finished he came and gave us a hand getting the last of the potatoes in;)
The russian blues and the caribe’s didn’t yeild much but then again they has just bloomed 2 weeks before we had to dig em up. The rest did ok.. well the banana ones were small.. I am gonna weigh them tommorow and see how much we managed to get. Did ok being this was the first year in the ground and not in the raised beds. The soil needs more manure and conditioning etc.. next year I think it will get even better – also we were nearly 3 weeks late getting the garden in. So I am happy with the results, even though they could have been better.
Turnips didn’t do so well – we had 2 weeks of straight rain and they got a bit maggoty – I think I can save some.
The swiss chard did great.
The tomatoes were coming along nicely till we got hit with a bad frost and lost alot of them.
The peppers … really bad- we didn’t even see a pepper start on any of the plants.. and ther were LOTS of plants.
carrots and beets sucked cause instead of doing them in the raised beds where they are usually, we put them in the ground and the soil was just too dense.
The corn we lost to the frost.. not that there was much of it anyhow.. it doesn’t grow well up here but every year we try just the same.. :)
Onions were.. ok -ish next time boxes.. again the soil was too dense
Herbs all did well cept I kept forgetting to use them and most have gone to seed
Squash didn’t fare well at all.. and when it starting doing ok.. the chickens ate it.. buggers lol
Zuchinni did pretty good.. could have been bigger- but I was happy
Pumpkins did really poorly this year compared to last.. I dunno what happened there.

I think that was it for this year. Now that the sod is up and ready to go for next spring/summer I think it will go even better:) We are going to plan things a little better in advance and add more manure and sand to the soil to make it less dense. I am looking forward to it. 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeSo frusutrating

the foxes got my last turkey last night:( As it stands I will not have any chickens to butcher this year:( The foxes have managed to get all but one of my main meat birds. We have aproxamately 31 chickens – most of them I use for eggs. The others that I will butcher (the roosters) are not nearly big enough to harvest- so I am looking at early next year, which I hate doing in the winter up here- the temps are so cold that is makes for a most unpleasant experience.
We started out with 10 meat chickens that would have dressed out at about 7- 9 pounds and 5 turkeys whci would have dressed out at 15-27 pounds, the foxes have got all but one of the chickens. We have 30 other chickens.. like I said mostly eggs layers, and the roosters that I am planning to slaughter are a light mixed breed and will only dress out around 3-5 pounds. Guess the foxes knew which ones were the good ones to eat:( 4 years ago


I feel like I am succeeding tremendously at this goal.. other days I feel like a bloody idiot and want to say “screw it” – sell the farm and unhappily exist in an apartment somewhere till I die.
Maybe it is all the dreary wet weather of late making it difficut to do the things I want to at the farm… maybe it is lack of time or drive right now- I don’t know. I just know that I don’t like it.
The foxes have gotton yet more of my chickens and as Jay put it so well- “it is gonnna get exspensive feeding the wildlife this way” yup:( by the time it comes to butcher I am not going to have any left. So now I will have to make them miserable and lock them up into the coop after months of free- ranging. I wanted to get a root cellar or something like it done this summer so that when we harvest the garden everything doesn’t go to waste, but it isn’t looking like we’ll have time, so I am at a loss there..
juggle juggle… 4 years ago

NorthernSkyebought a used

11 hp generator for 30 bucks;) so now we have two! they sure can come in handy specially when building;) 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeso ya...:(

We lost 9 meat roosters and 4 turkies to.. I don’t even know what:( we accually only found remnants of 4-6 bodies- no idea where the rest went. Likely they scattered throughout the forest and will slowly be picked off by whatever got them in the first place. We have looked for hours and hours – no sign of them. It really pisses me off. I was so on the ball this year to get the freezer filled early and to not have to harvest in the snow and cold .. and here I look like I will be doing it again:( dammit! 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeGarden is growing

nicely:) I hope we have a long enough season for it to grow well being we got it in a bit late. Another 10 chicks last night – so we are now up to 50 chickens and turkies. Was going to harvest some in about 4 weeks – but I think I will let them grow a little longer:) 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeDare and Jay have spent all day

Hauling water:) 1 more load to go! yay! soooo much cheaper… 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeDare finally

broke down friday and bought a water tank so we can start hauling our own water:) When we have it delivered it costs 138 bucks every 3-4 weeks depending on who is living here.. time of year.. etc.. so $138 for 1500 galllons of water is what we usually pay. haven’t factored in gas cost.. but now with the tank and hauling it ourselves buying from down the road will cost 15$ for 1500 gallons. Definately some savings there regardless of gas money and the few trips it will take to go get it:)Only thing is the water has a sulfer smell.. kinda stinky- but I think we’ll get used to it 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeFinally got the garden in!

Took us 3 days and 4 of us to get the sod up and bring 2 dozen wheel barrows af manure to the new plot. Then there was roto tilling.. sand, peat … what an ordeal. I hope the soil turns of good enough and grows everything well:) It took us all day to plant everything and transplant the rest. Got 5 varieties of potatoes planted, tunips, carrots, beets, onions, parsnips, herbs, pumpkins, cucumber, squash, zuccini, tomatoes, lots of different peppers, peas, beans… think I got it all.. :) gonna have to build something to store them all come fall – the potatoes especially- we planted 108 hills… gonna be alot of taters:) 4 years ago

NorthernSkyegot the order in!

April 30th marks the arrival of 10 turkey poults and 5 more laying hens and 10 more cornish roosters… seems like I got some more pen building to do! 4 years ago

NorthernSkyeI don't

want to work in town anymore – I really don’t. I want to stay on the farm and take care of things here making it my business and making it great for my family. I just wish I knew how to make that happen. 5 years ago

NorthernSkyeSo we managed to get

12 chickens harvested last weekend. Only 9 more to go! These ones are a little younger than the others so I need to give them a couple more weeks of feed.
All the garden is brought in and the beets and carrots are canned:) Turnips would up being a bust:( the ants got ito them and they aren’t edible. All the herbs are drying, and the rest of the veggies are in the freezer (other than the potatoes:) and the pumpkins are slowly but surely going orange! It was a good harvest. Can’t wait till next year so we can do a bigger garden! 5 years ago


.. what a joy and a pain in the ass at the same time;)
I finally got in the chickens.. order got messed up so I am 20 short:( The lady is gonna do her best to see if she can’t get me at least 15 more this week. I bought the chickens this year so we could harvest them again in the fall and fill the freezer. I also deceided that I would like to try my hand at breeding some for myself so I bought 4 heritage birds – 2 americana’s and 2 silver laced wynadottes. However one of the americana’s has some genetic problems. I may have to cull her this week:( We tried splinting the leg, got a ton of info everywhere but in the end I don’t think she is going to be able to stand or walk properly. We have spent the last week massaging the slipped tendon trying to work it back – but still no go.. it seems to get better for a short time then worsens. Her knee hock is starting to get larger and inflamed and that can’t be comfortable- we’ll give her a little more time to try to wrok it out and see what happens. I spoke to the breeder to find out if there was anything I could do and she said “no” appoligised and offered to replace it free of charge. I’ll likely have to take her up on it. Poor little chicky! 5 years ago


As per a definition I found online, “Currently the term ‘homesteading applies to anyone who is a limb of the back-to-the-land movement and who chooses to live a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle.”
Now I look at this and know it.. yet I have the goal homesteading AND become self sustainable.. I have decieded to combine the goals together as they are much the same thing.. so here goes! 5 years ago

NorthernSkyeNeed to get some solar going again!

The deal that I had worked out when sour a few months back and now I am without pannels again. Long story .. not so long, is that I bartered with him to get me the solar pannels. I initailly made him some SCA garb.. started with me giving him 2 leines and then he came over and set up the pannels in aug 2007. I still owed him 3 more shirts, 2 pants and a kilt. However he hadn’t gotton me the material for the kilt (at 800$ minimum I told him he could get that material himself and he agrees he shouldn’t have to pay for it being the pannels he got was for free) anyways, He then started adding things to the list and breaking our original agreement but I still figured.. well he got the pannels for free and he figured I could use them cause he was never going to.. so I will just go with the flow.. then he started getting to be an @sshole about it and making demands so I deceided that until things were worked out I wasn’t giving him anymore of the items I made for him because if he kept changin our deal then I was just going to give him the panels back and be done with it all and I didn’t want to have a new battle insiting on payment for the clothing that I already had given him. Also he kept on me about the damn kilt and why it wasn’t made knowing full well he hadn’t gotton me the tartan. So I figured at this point the pannels can go.. I don’t need/appreciate someone holding things over my head at any cost.
But then for a time things got better.. so I was going to go through with the deal. We then went to Kimberley for our building course. He phoned me while I was there and asked if he could borrow the pannels for camping at an SCA event and being I wasn’t home using them I figured.. fine. He said he would bring them back ASAP (couple weeks later and he would set them up at the cabin for me. )
Well 6 months later he still hadn’t returned them so I asked him about it and he become an instant prick about it.. so I knew my initial figuring was correct about not getting into an arangement with this guy any further. So I figured.. the pannels aren’t worth the hassle as much as I want and need them, and I refuse to let anyone hold me hostage while changing deals and not being on the straight up with me. So I am not pursuing it any further.. I guess you just can’t trust some people. I have enough stress without extra BS. So back to the drawing board on that! 5 years ago

NorthernSkyeripped it out!

The toilet is gone:) After 2 months of not having a flush toilet.. I have come to the conclusion I don’t need one! We are saving so much water at nearly 7 gallons a flush .. maybe 5 – but with 5-6 people in the house.. well that is alot of flushing valuable water “down the drain” things are coming along and I love saving water- soon I hope to collect most of my own as I won’t need so much:) 6 years ago

NorthernSkyewell being self sustainable sometimes happens...

like it or there are many things I want to adapt and change here on the farm.. many things I wnat to change, build and whatnot to get off the grid… then things like the sewage line rupturing from 2 weeks of -42 c happens and well suddenly your forced to adapt! lol
I have always wanted a composting toilet.. they run around 2000$ on average, do I have that money? no I don’t.. so I set up a sawdust toilet this evening! ya know what? it cost me less than 40$ to build and it works great! Here is a website with details on it;)
ya so in the spring when we finally get things delt with … I just may not go nack to wasting 5 gallons of water everytime someone flushes. 6 years ago

NorthernSkyenother step closer...

We harvested 7 of our chickens yesterday. I hadn’t done anything like that since I was a kid and while I was allowed to kill the animal I was never allowed to clean and gut it for fear of me spoiling the meat. Fred came over and we did the 7 roosters. He helped us through all the steps and it was much easier than I thought. I felt bad at the thought of it initially but I figure if I want to be completely self sustainable and continue to eat meat- then it was something that had to be done. I spent the morning meditating and smudging myself and the farm yard as well as the birds. I did a quick ritual in the Midnight Garden to bless and honor the chickens that we intended to harvest. It went really well and I am very pleased with the outcome. I am looking forward to having a full “home bred – home cooked meal” with everything natural from our farm:) 7 years ago

NorthernSkyeWind power

I was researching into wind power yesterday. Near a I can tell I will probably just stick with the solar. Everthing I read and everyone I talked to said that on agrande scale where I would be feeding my energy back into the grid it is worth it. But just for self-sustainabilty here on the farm it isn’t worth it. Apperantly by the time I purchase all the equipment and whatnot I won’t be saving myself any money- it would help to get off the grid- but I am about saving money too. One gentleman I talked to in town told me that by the time I make my money back on wind power it will be time to replace my equipment… so ya.. no wind power here at the farm:( 7 years ago

NorthernSkyeworking great!

I am really happy with my solar pannels, we had a storm that knocked the power out last week when I was in the middle of sweing with my machine (projects that were WAY overdue) so I hooked up to the solar! yay! it was great, I can’t wait to get more pannels and batteries. 7 years ago

NorthernSkyegetting closer!

My good friend Rory bartered with me and I got some solar pannels out of the deal..WOOHOO! with batteries! He installed them lst weekend and got everything all set up and it works fine. I am looking forward to mucking with everything this weekend and seeing it’s capabilities! yay!!! 7 years ago

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