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user1408154212 4 months ago


My meds are working well, and now we have moved, with cleaning, the fact I try to take the stairs as much as I can, and walking to all the awesome shops, I can feel I have lost a bit of weight. I decided to stop stressing about it last year and focus on straightening out my head, now my head is right I need to get my body healthier. I want to have kids in the next few years (okay 5 maybe, eep!) and I know I need to be healthy for that. Hopefully I can just fit some exercise in to the new lifestyle and go from there! 11 months ago


I’m feeling lighter. I suppose that’s because the number on the scale is going down. I feel… alone though. I have no suppport in the journey nor anyone who knows how it feels to struggle with something like this. 13 months ago

IPrettySierra 13 months ago

silentgrl44 16 months ago

symivanaarde 17 months ago

Kaz_DancingStill my Everest

I just ready my last entry in this category, it said ’ I will do this’ and that my weight is my Everest. Well it still is, and following a bout of illness this year I am further down the mountain than ever.

But I have changed some things about myself I never thought I could this year, and this is just another hurdle. 2 years ago

Kaz_DancingStill my Everest

I just ready my last entry in this category, it said ’ I will do this’ and that my weight is my Everest. Well it still is, and following a bout of illness this year I am further down the mountain than ever.

But I have changed some things about myself I never thought I could this year, and this is just another hurdle. 2 years ago

user2174 2 years ago

CuatroGatosNegros 3 years ago

cwilson721weekly check in

Ok, well actually its a two week check in cause I never got to writing last week. I have been doing the Alternate Day diet thing for a solid three weeks now and I have to say that I don’t mind it. I lost another 3 lbs in the past two weeks which makes me very happy. I have figured out ways to eat under 500 calories on the down days and not feel like I am starving, while still eating real food which is very important to me. Egg whites, fat free hotdogs, veggie steamers, and sweet potatoes are very much my friend on those down days.

3 years ago

Joey Johnsonit starts now.

my name is joe johnson im 19 years old, i have one healthy baby boy, and i have another one on the way. while my wife and child are healthy, i most certainly am not. at just under six feet flat, i weigh well over 300 pounds. i may sadly enough even be pushing into the 400’s. it has been over a year since i graduated from high school, and i absolutly have to get myself in a better place. i stumbled on this website today, and i feel it is a sign from god that now is the time for change. 3 years ago

Joey Johnson 3 years ago

sylvirnin 3 years ago

cwilson721Weekly check in

OK, so its been a week since I’ve actively been trying to lose this weight again. The Alternate Day Diet thing seems to be going very well. The low calorie days don’t bother me that much since I just snack on veggies all day long. And I can’t really complain since I’ve lost 6lbs on it just this past week. I also did at least one 10 minute toning workout everyday for the past week, some days I did two 10 minute workouts. Defintely starting out on the right foot. This morning my son slept in a bit so I got a 10 minute work out in before work which will make today a twice a day 10 minute work out day.
Start weight (September 2008) 296lbs, 187 lbs (Sept 2011)
Current weight 181 lbs
Goal weight 165lbs
16 pounds to go

3 years ago


Started on Monday, September 2nd. 3 years ago

vagabond261 3 years ago

cwilson721Rejoining the weight loss world

Ok, so I started this goal roughly 3 years ago. At that time I weighed almost 300lbs. I stuck with it for 16 weeks and lost 60lbs. Then I got pregnant and had to stop actively trying to lose weight. My beautiful son was born in August 2009 and I managed to lose another 60lbs in the 6 months after he was born (not counting the baby weight I had put on), to bring my grand total to 120lbs lost. I started at 296lbs and got down to 176lbs in February 2010.

I had managed to maintain that weight loss up until this past spring/summer when I put on roughly 10lbs (stupid hormonal birth control)to bring me to 187lbs. My original ultimate weight loss goal was to get down to 165ish or less (I know I have big bones and a big frame so I will always be on the high side of my healthy weight range and I’ve finally come to accept that). In August I tried just watching everything I ate again, like I had done to lose the weight in the first place. Made sure to only eat 1200 calories a day again but the scale refused to budge. I guess I had hit a plateau.

So I did some research and found the Alternate Day Diet where you eat normal one day and then only 500 calories the next day. Sounds really strict, but I am good at strict, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been at it for 4 days and already I’m down to 184 which is a 3lbs loss and I am happy. My goal is to keep this up until I get down to that 160lb range and then follow the maintenance part of the diet where you eat 65% of your regular calories on down days.

Start weight (September 2008) 296lbs
Current weight 183lbs
Goal weight 165lbs
18 pounds to go 3 years ago

Maize Light 3 years ago

Scott JohnsonWhat a birthday present

So today I turn 42. And I just got off the scale, for the first time in I don’t know how long – I am under 300 pounds! Feeling good now! One milestone down! 23 pounds dropped – so far! 3 years ago

Scott JohnsonGoing slowly

I have lost a total of 20 pounds since I started this. I have to have surgery twice since in the past month, so I haven’t been able to work out much causing me to slow down the weight loss. However, I am back and ready to start burning away the fat again now!! 3 years ago

Mary Lowe 3 years ago

Tammy Lynn Rieleywell its official....

i found the MOS that i want in the army!!! im totally stoked about this! i have never wanted anything more in life than this right now… if only i was in weight range, id be signing up this instant! only 135 more lbs. i think i can do it… =] 3 years ago

Tammy Lynn Rieleyyup yup...

so i havent really been working out… and i havent lost but i havent gained either so i guess thats a good thing… finally got my jeep running, so i can start going to a tang soo do class and to the gym.. around everything else that i do…

oh and i am superr stoked… i am an EMT. and when i started taking my class, i was at my heaviest point, taking a 3x pant in mens…well, i am glad to say that i finally fit comfortably in my 2x and cant wait for those to start falling off! i havent worn them in almost 3 1/2 years…. thats sayin something! i am so proud!... now for those camos… =]

im on the right btw… =} 3 years ago


Down 10 lbs. Not much progress for a year, but hey, at least it’s progress! 3 years ago

glitterkat 3 years ago

Tammy Lynn Rieleyahhh...

On my way back from a much needed vacation… And still lost weight! Im down 44lbs since december and im super happy about it! Im starting to see my military career in the didistance! =) im excited!

Cw: 286!!!! 3 years ago

Scott JohnsonStarting up

OK, so technically I started this a few weeks ago. I have already dropped 13 pounds. I am going to keep working on it, eating less and exercising properly until I reach the full 150! 3 years ago

Scott Johnson 3 years ago

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